Starbucks Japan Launches A Special Pen That Lets You Pay For Coffee

Starbucks Japan Launches A Special Pen That Lets You Pay For Coffee

When it comes to paying for your drinks at Starbucks, there are several ways that you can go about doing it besides using cash or your credit card. There is the Starbucks app and Apple Pay, for example. However, it seems that over in Japan, Starbucks has come up with a new and novel way of paying for your drinks through a specially-created pen.

As you can see, the pen doesn’t look particularly special, but it contains the same tech used by the Starbucks card so you can just tap it at any of the Starbucks IC card touchpads and it will register your payment. Essentially it has NFC built into it, but instead of a card, it comes in a pen form.

One Ok Rock Pen Theme Song For Movie 'kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK pen theme song for movie 'Kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK's new song "Wasted Nights" will be used as the theme song for movie 'Kingdom', which will open in theaters on April 19. 

'Kingdom' is a live-action adaptation based on a manga series by Hara Yasuhisa. Set during the Warring States Period, it tells the story of an orphan named Xin, who aims to become the greatest general of the country. It's directed by Sato Shinsuke, and Yamazaki Kento will play the role of Xin. 

Olympus Pen E-pl9 Mirrorless Camera Announced

Olympus PEN E-PL9 Mirrorless Camera Announced

Mirrorless cameras come in a variety of price points, with some priced incredibly expensive like the Sony A7 and A9 series of full-frames. However if you don't really have the need for such a high-end camera, Olympus might have something that is more wallet-friendly in the form of the recently announced Olympus PEN E-PL9.

This is the company's latest mirrorless camera and for $600 for the body-only, it's not too bad of a deal and could help encourage consumers to adopt the camera and get into the game. The camera will sport a 16.1MP sensor and will use the TruePic VIII image processing system. There is also a 121-point contrast-detect autofocus system and is also capable of shooting in burst mode of up to 9fps.

Olympus Pen E-pl9 Digital Camera Announced

Olympus PEN E-PL9 Digital Camera Announced

If you're in the market for a new digital camera, Olympus might have you covered. The company has recently announced the Olympus PEN E-PL9 which is the PEN E-PL8 launched back in 2016, which means that the camera is almost two years old and is probably due for a hardware refresh.

For those unfamiliar, the E-PL8 was launched as an entry-level mirrorless camera and it looks like its successor will be following in its footsteps, except that it will come with some hardware upgrades to make it more suitable for modern day photography and videography. For starters, the camera will pack a 16MP Live MOS sensor and the TruePic VIII processor which is also used in the Olympus E-M10 Mark III.

Olympus Announces Pen E-pl8 Entry-level Mirrorless

Olympus announces PEN E-PL8 entry-level mirrorlessOlympus has announced the PEN E-PL8, an entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a 16MP sensor and in-body image stabilization. While most of the hardware is shared with the E-PL7, the body has gone through an extensive redesign, with a new grip and top plate. Prices start at $549.99 for the body, and $649.99 for the 14-42 IIR kit.

This Life-size Nissan Qashqai Sculpture Was Made With A 3d Pen

This Life-Size Nissan Qashqai Sculpture Was Made With A 3D PenWhile Seat chose a local artist to create a full-sized sand sculpture of the Ateca, Nissan prefers more modern technologies, such as 3D pens, when it comes to replicating a Qashqai.
Created by a team of artists who used the 3D Doodler Create 3D pen, which allows users to draw in the air by heating solid plastic to 230° C (446° F) and forcing it out through a 0.7 mm wide nozzle as it cools, the sculpture was brought to life with 13.8 km (8.57 miles) of plastic strands and took 800 man-hours to complete, over a three-week period.

Olympus Back To Profitability Thanks To Om-d And Pen Sales

Olympus announces OM-D E-M5 II with 40MP high resolution modeOlympus has released its financial results for the first quarter of the company's fiscal year, giving credit partly to its Imaging Systems Business for a 12.3% increase in net sales year-on-year. Notably, its OM-D and Pen series cameras saw a 25% increase in sales volume, helping to compensate for a sliding compact market.

Mwc 2015 : Wacom Outfits Its Cintiq 13hd Pen Display With Touch Gestures

MWC 2015 : Wacom outfits its Cintiq 13HD pen display with touch gesturesWacom has a habit of trotting out non-touch versions of its stylus-friendly tech first. The Cintiq 13HD arrived back in 2013, and one of my main gripes with the device was its lack of support for your fingertips. Well, the company finally announced the touch-enabled version today, nearly two years after the original's debut. And yes, it still packs in a Pro Pen with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Thanko Mobile Battery Stylus Pen

Thanko Mobile battery stylus penThanko released a pencil device that can be used in 3 ways: ball-point pen, stylus pen and 800mAh mobile battery.
There is a model for iPhone and one for Android smartphones, and both of them are sold for ¥3,480.