Perfume Releases Short Pv For ‘magic Of Love’

Perfume releases short PV for ‘Magic of Love’A short PV has been revealed for techno pop unit Perfume’s new single “Magic of Love“, which is set for release on May 22nd.

The title track is being used as the CM song for Kanro’s ‘Pure Gummy‘, and it has also received a tie-up with NTV’s morning program, ‘Sukkiri!‘, as the theme song for the month of May.

Perfume Magic Of Love Teaser

Perfume Magic of Love teaserPerfume has released a teaser for their upcoming single, “Magic of Love“ .

The concept of this PV is “dance”. The members challenged themselves to a difficult dance by recording the dance backwards.

Perfume Reveals Jacket Covers + Track List For Magic Of Love

Perfume reveals jacket covers + track list for Magic of LovePerfume has revealed the jacket covers and track list for their upcoming single, “Magic of Love“, which will released on May 22.

Each edition (limited and regular editions) will come with a different jacket cover. The limited edition features them standing in a row wearing a patterned dress with a retro feel. Meanwhile, the regular edition features them sitting expressionless like dolls.

Perfume To Hold A Live Tour With 3 Different Artists

Perfume to hold a live tour with 3 different artistsPerfume will hold be holding their live tour, “Zutto Sukidattanjake~ Sasurai no Men Kata Perfume FES!!“. This will be their first tour using the ‘Battle of bands’ style in which Perfume will appear with three different artists.

The artists are Saito Kazuyoshi, Okuda Tamio, and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. The live tour will be held at Zepp music halls in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and there will be 6 performances in total.

Perfume Releases Teaser For Mirai No Museum

Perfume releases teaser for Mirai no MuseumPerfume has released a teaser video for their new song, “Mirai no Museum“.

The PV is set in the year “20xx” and the girls play humanoid robots called “Perfume”. They are sent to the year “19xx” where they go on an adventure with a cowardly young boy named “P-ta”.

Perfume To Open Their Fan Club To Global Fans

Perfume to open their fan club to global fans Perfume will be opening their fan club to fans overseas!

Until now, Perfume’s official fan club, ‘P.T.A.‘, had been only available to residents of Japan. However, they are opening the doors to fans across the world on February 14 of next year. The details are currently being planned by Perfume and their staff.

Perfume Reveals Details On Upcoming Live Dvd

Perfume reveals details on upcoming live DVDPerfume has revealed the jacket covers, track list, and other details on their upcoming live DVD Perfume 3rd Tour JPN .

The DVD features footage from the Hiroshima Green Arena show of Perfume’s first arena tour, “Kirin Chuuhai Hyouketsu Presents Perfume 3rd Tour ‘JPN’“, on April 1st.

Perfume To Release New Single Spending All My Time

Perfume to release new single Spending all my timePerfume will releae a new single titled ‘Spending all my time‘ on August 15th.

The single includes title track, “Point” and “Hurly Burly“; both are CM songs for ‘KIRIN Chuhai Hyoketsu‘ series.

It comes in 2 version, limited edition and regular edition. The DVD for the limited edition will contain a music video for “Spending all my time”.

Perfume Will Broadcast A Live Concert On Wowow

Perfume will broadcast a live concert on WOWOWAs part of their first arena tour titled  'Perfume 3rd Tour JPN' , Japanese idol group Perfume will perform a live concert on April 1st 2012 in their hometown of Hiroshima, at Hiroshima Green Arena .

Perfume also revealed that this particular live concert will be broadcast through WOWOW, a premium broadcasting TV channel, on May 27th on 8:00 P.M. JST.