Keyakizaka46's Kobayashi Yui To Release Her First Photo Book

Keyakizaka46's Kobayashi Yui to release her first photo book

Keyakizaka46 member Kobayashi Yui's first photo book (currently untitled) will be released on March 13. 

Kobayashi has been gaining attention after serving as center in place for Hirate Yurina, who is currently on hiatus, at the '69th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.' Her first photo book was shot by Suzuki Shin last fall in England. It is a commemorative work a she celebrated her 19th birthday during the shoot. She even challenged herself to her first photos in swimwear. 

Ikuta Erika Goes To New York To Shoot 2nd Photo Book

Ikuta Erika goes to New York to shoot 2nd photo book

Nogizaka46 member Ikuta Erika's second photo book (currently untitled) will be released on January 22. 

The theme of Ikuta's first photo book in three years is "the new self I discover in New York." For this photo book, she spent seven days shooting in New York. She even challenged herself to shoot in lingerie for the very first time. Fans can see how much the 21-year-old has matured in the last three years. 

Keyakizaka46 To Release First Photo Book

Keyakizaka46 to release first photo book

Keyakizaka46 will release their very first photo book (currently untitled) on November 21. 

While members Nagahama Neru, Sugai Yuka, Watanabe Rika, and Imaizumi Yui all have released solo photo books, this will be the group's first. Besides the release date, the only thing that has been revealed is a cut of Hirate Yurina standing in Shibuya's Center-gai on a rainy night with an umbrella. The title and other details will be announced at a later date. 

Morning Musume's Sato Masaki To Release First Photo Book

Morning Musume's Sato Masaki to release first photo book

Morning Musume.'18's Sato Masaki will release her first photo book on October 6.

Sato chose to shoot the photo book in her hometown of Hokkaido. She shows many different expressions at cafes, farms, Japanese gardens, and parks. Its DVD will include a 30-minute footage of the making of the photo book. 

Keyakizaka46's Imaizumi Yui To Release Her First Solo Photo Book

Keyakizaka46's Imaizumi Yui to release her first solo photo book

Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui will release a solo photo book (currently untitled) on October 3. 

Imaizumi recently announced that she will be graduating from the group. Her first photo book was shot in the suburbs of Napoli, Italy. She commented, "This will be my last work as Keyakizaka46 and my first work as Imaizumi Yui."

Canon Zoemini Photo Printer Announced

Canon Zoemini Photo Printer Announced

When it comes to pocketable photo printers, we wouldn't be surprised if your mind went to Fujifilm's Instax printers. However if you're looking for alternatives, Canon might have something for you as the company has since announced their latest portable photo printer that comes in the form of the Canon Zoemini.

As you can see in the photo, the Zoemini is a pocket-sized printer that means that it is easy to slip into your pocket or bag and bring it around with you. It uses ZINK technology which means that no ink is required to do the printing, although you will need to buy Canon's ZINK photo paper which are sold in packs of 20 or 50 (it will come with 10 free).

Kubota Masataka To Release His First Photo Book

Kubota Masataka to release his first photo book

Actor Kubota Masataka will be releasing his first photo book 'Masayume' on September 2. 

The photo book is a collaboration work with photographer Saito Harumichi, who has been in charge of the actor's calendars. It will feature photos of Kubota from when he was 28 to 30, and it will also include a long interview about his acting career. 

Scandal's Haruna To Release Her First Photo Book On Her 30th Birthday

SCANDAL's HARUNA to release her first photo book on her 30th birthday

SCANDAL member HARUNA (Vo, G) will release her first photo book titled 'SOMEWHERE' on August 10. 

The release date, August 10, marks HARUNA's 30th birthday. The photos in the book were taken by Ono Tsutomu during HARUNA's vacation after SCANDAL's tour. It will also feature a long interview in which she talks about her band, work, and love life. 

Michishige Sayumi To Release A New Photo Book On Her 29th Birthday

Michishige Sayumi to release a new photo book on her 29th birthday

Michishige Sayumi's new photo book "DREAM" will be released on her 29th birthday, July 31. 

After graduating from Morning Musume in November of 2014, Michishige took a short break, then made a comeback in spring of 2017. This marks her first photo book in over three years, and it was self-produced. She used various sets including European-style buildings and forests in Yamanashi, the beach and streets in Los Angeles, and retro hotels. 

King & Prince Reveal New Artist Photo And Jacket Covers For Debut Single

King & Prince reveal new artist photo and jacket covers for debut single

King & Prince have revealed a new artist photo as well as the jacket covers for their debut single "Cinderella Girl" due out on May 23. 

In the newly revealed images, you can see the members sporting white tuxedos in a palace. The single will be available for purchase in three different types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. 

Canon Unveils Ivy Portable Wireless Photo Printer

Canon Unveils IVY Portable Wireless Photo Printer

Wireless and portable photo printers aren't new. In fact Fujifilm might be a company that users might be more familiar with when it comes to such devices. However in case you're looking for an alternative, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently announced their latest wireless portable photo printer dubbed IVY.

As you can tell from the photo, it looks like a rather standard photo printer where it is small enough to fit into the palm of the user so that it can be brought along with them on the go. It will connect to cameras and other devices using Bluetooth connectivity which means that as long as your device supports Bluetooth, you're good to go.

Nmb48's Ichikawa Miori To Release First Photo Book

NMB48's Ichikawa Miori to release first photo book

Ichikawa Miori (NMB48) will release a photo book titled "Naritai no, Watashi." on May 17. 

Ichikawa is scheduled to graduate from NMB48 on May 1 after the group's performance at NMB48 Theater. Fans can look forward to what kind of content will be included in the idol's first photo book.