Jal Gets Another Warning On Pilot Alcohol Abuse

JAL gets another warning on pilot alcohol abuse

Japan Airlines will receive another warning from the transport ministry about flight crew repeatedly violating rules on drinking alcohol.

The ministry will issue the so-called business improvement order on Tuesday.

Osprey Pilot Referred To Japanese Prosecutors

Osprey pilot referred to Japanese prosecutors

The Japan Coast Guard has referred an unidentified US military pilot to prosecutors over an accident in 2016 involving an Osprey transport aircraft.

One of the tilt-rotor aircraft at the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Okinawa was badly damaged after ditching onto a reef off Nago City in the prefecture.

Us Marines: Pilot Error Caused Mid-air Crash

US Marines: Pilot error caused mid-air crash

The US Marine Corps says that pilot error caused a deadly mid-air collision between two of its aircraft off Japan's west coast last year.

An FA-18 fighter jet and a KC-130 refueling aircraft collided during an air-to-air refueling mission off Kochi Prefecture in December last year.

Asdf Concludes Crashed F-35a Pilot Was Disoriented

ASDF concludes crashed F-35A pilot was disoriented

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force concludes that a fighter pilot who crashed off northern Japan in April failed to detect the jet's rapid descent because he was disoriented.

The state-of-the-art F-35A plunged into the ocean off Aomori Prefecture during a training mission, killing the pilot.

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition Debuts In All Black Everything - Autoblog

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition debuts in all black everything - Autoblog

The Honda Pilot isn't a shouty SUV, but this 2020 Pilot Black Edition is aiming to change your mind. All black everything is the theme here, and we think Honda has captured the look successfully with this Pilot. Honda is positioning the Black Edition as the absolute peak of luxury for the Pilot lineup, with the MSRP being even higher than the Elite. With the $1,095 destination charge added in, you'll be paying $50,715. So yes, there's finally a Pilot for over $50,000. That's expensive, but even a fully-loaded Explorer is about $60,000. For your hard-earned dollars, Honda provides blackout treatments to the grille, headlight trim, side trim, door handles, window trim and fog light trim. The 20-inch alloy wheels are also painted in black. Basically, if it could be done in black, Honda has done it. There's a striking surprise waiting on the interior, though. Instead of a bland black interior, Honda is sprinkling in red accents throughout. You get red stitching on the front and second-row seats, door panels and the steering wheel. Red accent lighting can be found on the doors, cupholders and dash. Then, you get a sweet, red center console lid that looks shockingly cool. Black Edition logos can be found on the grille, tailgate, front seats and floor mats. Maybe it'll all be cool enough to wrangle folks into a more expensive Pilot over a Passport. The rest of the 2020 Honda Pilot lineup increases in price ever so slightly. Front-wheel-drive models see an increase of $100 in MSRP, whereas all-wheel-drive Pilots are $200 more expensive than an equivalent 2019 Pilot. This means the cheapest Pilot LX with front-wheel drive now costs $32,645. Honda says the 2020 model year Pilot will begin to arrive in dealerships tomorrow.

2019 Honda Pilot Review And Buying Guide | A Very Sensible Choice

2019 Honda Pilot Review and Buying Guide | A very sensible choice

Every three-row crossover is geared toward family use, but the 2019 Honda Pilot generally goes a few steps further than most. For starters, it manages to squeeze more interior space out of a smaller, more manageable exterior size. Full-sized adults and teenagers can actually fit in all three rows, while the cargo area is large, boxy and versatile. The lives of parents are also made easier thanks to thoughtful storage solutions throughout, while plenty of kid-friendly features reside in the back like USB ports, multiple cupholders and seat-back pockets for smartphones. There's also the matter of strong safety credentials and residual values, and Honda's reliability reputation.

In other words, buying a Pilot would be a very sensible choice. Admittedly, however, it's not the most exciting one. The new Kia Telluride has garnered plenty of attention for its style and luxurious interior while being even more spacious than the Pilot. The Mazda CX-9 certainly isn't as spacious, but its sharp handling, driver-oriented focus and sleek design should be particularly appealing to those transitioning to a big family vehicle from something smaller and sporty. The new Ford Explorer also boasts massive space and impressive performance figures.

Jal Pilot Failed Preflight Alcohol Test

JAL pilot failed preflight alcohol test

NHK has learned that a Japan Airlines pilot was replaced with a substitute after alcohol was detected on his breath in a preflight test last month.

The 50-year-old pilot was due to work on a flight from Shanghai to Narita, near Tokyo, on April 29.

Pilot Apparently Had No Time To Eject Before Crash

Pilot apparently had no time to eject before crash

The pilot of an F-35A fighter jet that crashed into the sea off northern Japan on Tuesday apparently had no time to eject before the crash.

Air Self-Defense Force officials say the F-35A stealth fighter is equipped with an emergency system that ejects pilots from the cockpit and allows them to parachute.

Japan Sdf Searching For Missing Jet And Pilot

Japan SDF searching for missing jet and pilot

Japan's Self-Defense Force is continuing its search for a stealth fighter jet that crashed off northern Japan Tuesday evening.

The F35A from Misawa Air Base disappeared from the radar screen at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan time.

Drunk Pilot Asked Co-pilot To Corroborate Lies

Drunk pilot asked co-pilot to corroborate lies

An All Nippon Airways group pilot who tested positive for alcohol before attempting to fly a plane lied about when and how much he drank and asked his co-pilot to corroborate his claims.

The ANA Wings employee, a man in his 40s, was replaced by another pilot for a flight earlier this month after he failed an alcohol test. The incident delayed five flights.

Tough New Pilot Drinking Rules

Tough new pilot drinking rules

Japan's transport ministry is working on new regulations governing how much airline pilots are allowed to drink before reporting for work.

It's proposing stricter limits than those that already apply to car drivers. The move follows a series of alcohol-related problems involving commercial pilots.