'koya-dofu' Plus Soybean Flour Makes Plain But Nutritious Snack

'Koya-dofu' plus soybean flour makes plain but nutritious snack

When snack time begins at 3 p.m at Fukasawa Mill Nursery School, expectant children come running into the lunchroom where nutritionist Tomoko Ikeda waits, asking, "What are we having today?"

Ever since she was an elementary school student, Ikeda loved to eat and also observe her mother cooking. After studying cooking in high school, she gained certification as a nutritionist at a vocational school. She thought that she could make it a "job for life."

Uncommon Remote Ocean Angle In Plain View In Numazu

Rare remote ocean angle in plain view in Numazu

Visitors to an aquarium in Numazu, a port city south-west of Tokyo, are getting a charge out of a strange display - 2 uncommon remote ocean angle that were gotten in adjacent Suruga Bay.

A illustrative of the aquarium says the red, prolonged fish are likely Natsushima choujagenge, a kind of eelpout found in Sagami Bay, south of Tokyo, 8 years ago.

Ninja Squad Parades In Plain Sight For Tokyo Promotional Tour

Ninja squad parades in plain sight for Tokyo promotional tourThey’re famed for creeping around in the dead of night, but nearly 100 “ninjas” were less than covert as they captured the attention of the weekend throng in central Tokyo.
The costume-clad “spies” took to the capital’s streets on Dec. 6 to promote the two best-known historical homes to ninja, Iga and Koka, both in Western Japan.

Wedding Trousseau Of Edo Period Princess In Plain View

Wedding trousseau of Edo Period princess in plain view A show including the wedding trousseau of Chiyohime, a girl of the third shogun of the Edo Period (1603-1867), is being held at the Tokugawa Art Museum here.
Titled "Hatsune furniture: the marriage trousseau of Tokugawa Chiyohime," the show incorporates 70 things assigned national fortunes and also a few pieces delegated essential social properties.