Honda Reportedly Planning New Factory In China

Honda Reportedly Planning New Factory In ChinaThe popularity of Honda's XR-V and the Civic Sedan have contributed to increased sales for the company in China, making it consider the addition of yet another manufacturing facility.
The automaker confirmed that the additional plant was discussed with their local partner, Dongfeng, but the project has yet to be approved, as one of Honda's Beijing spokesperson said.

Sony: Oasis Planning To Launch 5 Games On Playstation Vr

Sony: Oasis Planning to Launch 5 Games on PlayStation VRHello from Oasis Games, publishing partner of Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai (SCES) here in China! As we get closer to the October 13 launch of PlayStation VR, our team is getting more and more excited — just like PlayStation gamers everywhere. But we’re even more hyped because we confirmed today that we’ll have not one, not two, not even three, but five PlayStation VR games ready for the launch window starting this fall.

Mitsubishi Planning Compact Electric Suv With 250 Mile Range By 2020

Mitsubishi Planning Compact Electric SUV With 250 Mile Range By 2020Mitsubishi is developing a compact electric SUV for launch within the next four years, reports Australian publication Motoring.
During a recent visit to Australia's Kangaroo Island, Mitsubishi chief executive and president, Osamu Masuko, revealed to the local council that the firm is planning an electric SUV to hit global markets by 2020.

Lexus Not Planning Lfa Successor, Original Is Already An Icon

Lexus Not Planning LFA Successor, Original Is Already An IconLexus has confirmed that developing a successor to the LFA is not currently under consideration.
At the launch of the new LC500h, the company's European boss Alain Uyttenhoven said that while there's a chance the firm will eventually produce a successor to the LFA, it is neither needed nor a priority at the moment.

Rumor : Lexus Planning To Develop A Mid-size Truck

Rumor : Lexus Planning to Develop a Mid-Size TruckAccording to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus product planning manager Makoto Tanaka, the brand is currently evaluating the addition of a truck to the lineup:
“It’s one of the study items so far we’re looking at,” [Tanaka] said via an interpreter.

Toyota Planning New Small Crossover Aug 2015

2014 Paris Motor Show : Toyota C-HR Concept is a high-riding hybrid hatchToyota is reportedly planning to launch a new crossover. The model is tipped to follow closely along the stylistic lines of the C-HR concept shown at the Paris Motor Show last year, adopting an unconventional design in order to make it stand out in a crowded segment.

Lexus Planning Another Flagship Alongside Ls Sedan

Lexus LF-LCLexus is planning to launch another flagship to slot alongside the LS sedan, but we don't know if it will be a coupe or a crossover. The coupe has been the persistent rumor. Lexus showed the two-door LF-LC concept in 2012 and a production model could borrow its underpinnings from the LS sedan. It's tipped to wear the letters LC or to revive the SC nameplate.

Rumor : Aibu Saki Is Planning On Getting Married

Rumor : Aibu Saki is planning on getting marriedActress Aibu Saki (30) is planning on getting married soon.
In a Model Press interview, Aibu's agency responded to the reports saying, "She is not planning on getting married."
According to sources, Aibu's boyfriend is a 35-year-old company president that deals with cosmetics sales and event production. They started dating seriously at the beginning of this year.

Update : Toyota Planning Radical Open-wheel Sports Car Concept

Update : Toyota planning radical open-wheel sports car conceptWord has it that Toyota is planning a rather radical new sports car concept for debut later this year. Tthe project calls for an open-wheel, three-seat sports car concept. It's tipped to pack a 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain inside a narrow nose, driving around 100 horsepower through a CVT to the rear wheels.

Rumor : Toyota Planning Street-legal Open-wheel Sports Car

Rumor : Toyota Planning Street-Legal Open-Wheel Sports CarToyota is rumored to have something unexpected planned for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.
The Japanese automaker is reportedly working on an open-wheel, three-seater sports car inspired by the Lotus Seven to debut in October and sources say if the press and public approve, the company will seriously considering taking it to production.

Rumor : Mazda Planning More Powerful Mx-5

Photo Gallery : 2016 Mazda MX-5 MiataThe new Mazda MX-5 will be available with a 1.5-liter four with 129 horsepower or 2.0-liter with 155. And while either engine may seem a tad on the small side for a sports car, they keep perfectly in line with what the Miata is all about. That doesn't mean, however, that more powerful options aren't under consideration.