Toyota Uses High-tensile Steel Plates For New 'coaster' Microbus

Toyota Uses High-tensile Steel Plates for New 'Coaster' MicrobusToyota Motor Corp used high-tensile steel plate for about 30% (mass ratio) of the white body of the new "Coaster" microbus to improve collision safety at the time of overturning, etc.
Toyota employed a cyclic frame to improve the body strength of the new microbus, which will be released Jan 23, 2017. In addition, 440MPa- and 590MPa-class (tensile strength) high-tensile steel plates were used for the frame while 270MPa-class mild steel was used for the frame of the previous model.

The Best Nissans And Vanity Plates At 2016 Zcon

The Best Nissans and Vanity Plates at 2016 ZConThe 2016 Nissan Z Convention was held all last week in Toronto, and enthusiasts from all over North America joined in on the fun.
The convention has a new location each year, and this year’s Canadian event was the largest ever gathering of Z Cars north of the border. Not just limited to Z Cars, a few GT-Rs and Skylines also showed up for the party. We even saw an old Datsun 240Z with Mr. K’s signature on it! Mr. K, otherwise known as Yutaka Katayama, is the father of the Z Car and lived until he was 105 years old. He died last year.

Nintendo Online Store Gets New 3ds Cover Plates

Nintendo Online Store Gets New 3DS CoverNintendo is a very good marketer of their products – otherwise, how else do you think that their games and franchises are able to survive for so long? Of course, quality has something to do with it as well, since people will be able to see through the thin veil of marketing jargon after a while. Having said that, the company that has mastered the art of selling a single console a few times over to the same customer is now offering interchangeable cover plates for its smaller New Nintendo 3DS hardware, letting you jump on board the customization bandwagon.

Sushi Makes Long Global Journey To Our Dinner Plates

Sushi makes long global journey to our dinner platesAbout 50 kilometers southwest of Bangkok lies one of the biggest fish processing plants in the world.
Here, shrimp from the seas around Mozambique and salmon from Chile are turned into sushi ingredients and are shipped to Japan and other parts of Asia, while European mackerel is pickled and turned into “shime saba” and sent back to Europe.

Corroded Tank Plates Caused Fukushima Leakage

Corroded tank plates caused Fukushima leakageThe operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says they've discovered the reason that radioactive water leaked from a storage tank in August. The cause was gaps created on steel plates that had corroded at the bottom of the tank.