Hitachi Develops Low-melting-point Glass For Bonding Purposes

Hitachi Develops Low-melting-point Glass for Bonding PurposesHitachi and Hitachi Chemical co-developed low-melting-point glass that can be used for bonding at a temperature of 220 to 300°C.

They started sample shipment Nov 26, 2012, planning to begin volume production in 2014. Hitachi Chemical aims to achieve sales of ¥2 billion in 2015 with its low-melting-point glass adhesives including the newly-developed one.

Sony Point & Shoot Camera Tips For Valentine’s Day Snapping

Point & Shoot Camera Tips For Valentine’s Day SnappingYou’re in A candlelit restaurant. Or perhaps you’re taking an evening stroll along the water. These are iconic romantic moments we see in movies and some of us are lucky to experience them in person. Especially on Valentine’s Day.  What some people find is after pulling out their camera and snapping the memory, it turns up grainy and unattractive.