Want An Official Pokemon-themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Want An Official Pokemon-Themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Sure, you can have a Pokemon-themed wedding anywhere you want, but if you want your union to be blessed by The Pokemon Company, you’ll have to take a trip to Japan. ESCRIT is a Japanese company which does wedding ceremonies and it has partnered up with The Pokemon Company to plan officially licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.

There’s going to be a difference in a wedding that’s planned by Pokemon fans and the work done by this company with the blessings of the company that owns the rights to these cute monsters. Anything and everything has to be approved by the licensing department of the company.

Pokemon Go Gets Ar Portrait Mode On Android

Pokemon Go Gets AR Portrait Mode On Android

Pokemon Go developer Niantic confirmed earlier this month that it would be rolling out an AR portrait mode for the popular game on Android. This feature is called “Go Snapshot” and it lets players use the app to take AR photos. This feature is now live for Pokemon Go on Android devices.

Do bear in mind that the Go Snapshot feature can only be accessed by players or are a Level 5 or above trainer. This means that you can’t just start playing the game from scratch and use this feature. You’ll have to go out and walk around to capture some Pokemon if you’re able to take AR photos with your favorite monster.

Pokemon Go Blocked From Running On Rooted Android Phones

Pokemon GO Blocked From Running On Rooted Android Phones

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No one likes cheaters, which is why to help prevent potential cheats, Niantic has recently decided to block the popular Pokemon GO from running on rooted Android phones. How this works is apparently the app will scan your phone’s internal storage system to see if your phone shows signs of having been rooted.

Core Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch Moved To 'late 2019'

Core Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch Moved To 'Late 2019'

Earlier this year around the time E3 2018 was about to kick off, Nintendo made some announcements of their own where they confirmed that they would be launching a new core Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was initially pegged for the second half of 2019, but now it looks like it could be delayed ever so slightly.

By saying the second half of 2019, basically we're looking at anywhere between July to December, and we're sure that many are hoping it will be July. However now that it has been pushed to late 2019, it means that we're looking at anywhere between October to December. This "delay" was confirmed by Nintendo themselves in their launch schedule which now pegs the game's release for late 2019.

Pokemon Quest Now Available On Ios And Android

Pokemon Quest Now Available On iOS And Android

This year is shaping up to be a great year for fans of the Pokemon franchise. This is because not only is Pokemon GO getting the much awaited trading feature, but there will be two new Pokemon titles coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, while Pokemon Quest for the Switch is already available.

For those unfamiliar, Pokemon Quest was announced last month ahead of E3 2018 where players can build up a party of Pokemon, all of whom have been designed in cute cube-like shapes which some have since compared to Minecraft. However in addition to announcing it for the Switch, the game was also announced for iOS and Android in which it is now available for download.

Porno Graffitti To Be In Charge Of New 'pokemon' Movie Theme Song

Porno Graffitti to be in charge of new 'Pokemon' movie theme song

Porno Graffitti will be in charge of the theme song for 'Pokemon the Movie: Minna no Monogatari' scheduled to open in theaters on July 13. 

The last time the duo provided an anime movie theme song was for 'Meitantei Conan Gouka no Himawari' back in April of 2015. For the upcoming 'Pokemon' movie, they wrote the song "Breath." It's described as a simple number with a warm melody. 

Two New Pokemon Games Announced For The Nintendo Switch

Two New Pokemon Games Announced For The Nintendo Switch

While there has been some Pokemon variants available for the Nintendo Switch, safe to say that many have been anticipating the launch of a Pokemon game that is usually found on Nintendo's handheld consoles. The good news is that if you've been anticipating such a game, you're in luck.

This is because Nintendo has not only announced one, but two brand new Pokemon games that will be headed onto the Nintendo Switch. These games are dubbed Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and they are set for a release on the Nintendo Switch come 16th of November, 2018. This echoes an earlier report which hinted at a November release, and it also confirms another report which suggested that the game could borrow some elements from Pokemon GO.

Nintendo Puts Up Registration Page For Pokemon On The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Puts Up Registration Page For Pokemon On The Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt that apart from Super Smash Bros. that will be launching later this year on the Nintendo Switch, another highly-anticipated title would be the Pokemon RPG for the Switch that if the rumors have it right, could be launched later this year. Now it seems that Nintendo could be hinting that could indeed be happening.

According to reports, it appears that Nintendo has recently launched a registration page for the game on their website. What this registration page does is that it lets users put in their email address so that they will be notified about when the game will launch, how to pre-order it, and so on.

Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Could Be Officially Announced This Month

Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Could Be Officially Announced This Month

We know that there is a Pokemon RPG in development for the Nintendo Switch, and a rumor from last month suggested that it could be released in November this year. Assuming this is true, this means that an announcement should be imminent, right? We know that Nintendo has some presentations planned for E3 2018, but the announcement could actually arrive sooner.

This is according to a blog post by well-connected insider Emily Rogers who claims that the game will be officially revealed by the end of this month. It should be noted that Rogers has a pretty excellent track record for these kinds of tips. She had previously revealed that Super Smash Bros. for the Switch would be released this year (and it will), so it stands to reason that she could be right about this as well.

Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Could Arrive In November 2018

Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Could Arrive In November 2018

Fans of Pokemon are undoubtedly excited at the prospect of playing a full Pokemon RPG on the Nintendo Switch. This is because pretty much all the Pokemon RPGs that have been released to date have been more or less exclusive to Nintendo's DS handheld console lineup, but the Switch version is expected to change that.

Details are scarce, namely its release date, but a previous rumor has suggested that it could arrive in 2018. Now according to a tweet by Pixelpar (via Nintendo Life) who claims to have industry contacts, he has claimed that the game could launch in November 2018 or possibly even in December.

Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Usher In 8th Generation

Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Usher In 8th Generation

With a Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch confirmed to be in the works, we're sure that many are probably wondering what the game will bring to the table. Will this be a brand new game, or could it be a port of existing Pokemon games? According to recent reports, it will be a brand new title that could usher in the 8th generation Pokemon.

This was discovered in a blurb inside of a magazine that said that the Pokemon game for the Switch would introduce a new generation of Pokemon to the franchise rather than revisiting older ones. We suppose this makes sense since the Switch is a brand new console and we're sure that Nintendo probably wants to get it right, especially with the potential for the Switch to play home to more Pokemon RPGs in the future thanks to its portability.

Nintendo Switch Datamine Reveals Pokemon Remasters & Zelda Games

Nintendo Switch Datamine Reveals Pokemon Remasters & Zelda Games

So with a Nintendo Direct and Nindies Showcase out of the way, it seems that we already know what games for the Nintendo Switch have been confirmed. But what about the ones that are still in the works? Obviously those haven't been announced, but a recent datamine might have revealed some potential new titles.

This datamine was shared with the folks at LetsPlayVideoGames.com, although they note that the data was actually posted on Reddit about a month ago but there wasn't much response about it. According to LPVG, what makes the datamine seem somewhat credible is the fact that games such as Mario Tennis Aces and Mark of the Ninja: Remastered were part of it, both of which have since been officially confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Have Dlcs

Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Could Have DLCs

By now Pokemon fans and Nintendo Switch gamers are probably aware that a standalone Pokemon RPG is in the works for the console. Prior to this the closest thing to a Pokemon game on the Switch was Pokken Tournament, but the launch of the RPG will definitely shake things up as for the most part, Pokemon RPGs have typically been exclusive to Nintendo's handheld consoles.

Details of the game are a bit scarce at the moment, but according to a job listing by The Pokemon Company (via Game Rant), it seems to have hinted that the upcoming Pokemon game for the Switch could eventually get DLCs. Given that DLCs are a common way for developers/publishers to extend the life of their game and also earn more money, this revelation doesn't really come as a surprise.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Rpg Starters Leaked

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Starters Leaked

It has been confirmed that there is a Pokemon RPG in the works for the Nintendo Switch. This is a huge deal because for the longest time ever, Pokemon RPGs have been limited to the Nintendo Game Boys or DS families of handheld consoles, so for it to arrive on the Switch will no doubt be huge for Nintendo and Pokemon fans.

That being said, a recent tweet has revealed (via Game Rant) concept art that is allegedly for the upcoming Pokemon RPG, and that these will be the starter Pokemon that will be offered to gamers at the start of the game. According to the tweet, "Gen 8 starters for Pokémon. The cave bear is rumored to evolve into Grass/Electric typing, Pony into Fire/Steel, and Coral Pure Water. Thread mysteriously got deleted and images weren't linked anywhere after reversing which is hype. Could this be Gen 7 leaks all over".