Fried Tofu Pouch With Green Onion From The Fabled Fields Of Kyoto

Fried tofu pouch with green onion from the fabled fields of Kyoto

Kujo green onions grow lushly on a patch of land in a residential area in Kyoto's Ukyo Ward.

The field is owned by Genichi Nagasawa, 65, a farmer who produces Kyoyasai (heirloom vegetables of Kyoto) as well as daikon radish, turnips and other produce through organic farming.

Thanko Usb Rice Ball Warming Pouch

Thanko USB rice ball warming pouchThanko just released an innovative product for Japanese traditional food, Onigiri (Rice Ball), as a follow-up to their USB warming bento box pouch released last month.

Thanko Usb Warming Bento Box Pouch

Thanko USB warming bento box pouch"Bento" is now a common word around the world, so many of you might know that bento box means a Japanese-style lunch box. Wouldn't it make you happy if you can eat a warm homemade lunch anytime you want without using a microwave oven?