2020 Toyota Supra With $800 Ecu Tune Takes On Equally-powered But A Lot Cheaper Ford Mustang Gt

2020 Toyota Supra With $800 ECU Tune Takes On Equally-Powered But A Lot Cheaper Ford Mustang GT

A drag race between a Toyota Supra and a Ford Mustang sounds very interesting indeed, but there’s a sizeable difference in horsepower when both are in stock form as the former has 335hp and the latter, 443hp. On the other hand, the Supra starts from £54,000 in the UK, while the Mustang GT, from significantly less at £43,045.

Olympus Orbeye Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

Olympus ORBEYE Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

At CEATEC 2019, we spotted the Olympus ORBEYE, a powerful medical camera that is powered by Sony Camera sensors, some of them small enough to fit in our phones.

Many people don’t realize that today’s best mobile camera phones are nearly always powered by at least one Sony camera sensor. We look at this extensively because we have our Camera IQ mobile camera benchmark.

Toyota Wants To Make A Solar-powered Car That Never Stops

Toyota Wants To Make A Solar-Powered Car That Never Stops

We have petroleum-based high performing cars. We also have some impressive electric-powered cars. But, what about solar-powered cars? Is there any manufacturer interested to dive deeper on it?

While Tesla is busy working on new long-lasting batteries for cheaper costs and breaking track records, Toyota is trying to figure out a way to make solar-powered cars run for an exceptionally long time period (like, forever).