Thanko, The Usb Powered Air-purifier That Makes Sure You Breathe Easy

Thanko, the USB powered air-purifier that makes sure you breathe easyThis simple air-purifier from Thanko is powered by connecting to your computer. Using a USB jack, this little air purifier basically sucks in smelly air, purifies it all and blows it back out. The device comes with a six-layer filter element that traps particles in the air as small as 0.3 micrometers!

Thanko USB powered air-purifier is available for purcahse in Japan for about $64 .

World Of Motorsports Podcast, Powered By Nissan

World of Motorsports Podcast, Powered by NissanWorld of Motorsports takes you trackside, into the pits and behind the scenes at racing around the world. From Formula One, to endurance racing, from the best of Japanese Super GT to V8 Supercars in Australia, and more, we're going to cover it all.

Don't expect to hear the usual pundits. We are going to feature real people involved in motor racing. The drivers, the people in the teams, who make it all happen.

Xsol Portable Solar-powered Generator

XSOL Portable solar-powered generatorXSOL showcased at Smart Grid Expo in Tokyo a new portable solar-powered generator with the ECO1800SJ model .

Simple in concept, but really useful for the right situations, it is literally a solar panel on wheels, hooked to a generator. It is not incredibly powerful but you can bring it anywhere to give you energy without hassle anywhere there is sun.

Casio Launches World’s First Battery-powered Stage Piano Pivia Pro Px-5s

Casio launches World’s First Battery-Powered Stage Piano- Privia PRO PX-5SCasio announced today the release of the Privia® PRO PX-5S, a stage piano specially designed to give musicians more expressivity in live performances. This new model features 340 preset sounds covering a wide variety of instruments, including grand piano tones that can be played with the nuanced tonal variations and sustained reverberations of real pianos.

Pioneer 13cm 2-way Powered Speakers S-dj05-w

Pioneer 13cm 2-way Powered Speakers S-DJ05-WOur first active reference speakers designed for DJs and producers now come available as stunning white monitor speakers.

Give your studio or DJ setup a fresh look, whilst still maintaining the power and control you'd come to expect from us. High quality sound is fused with functionality as the included controller allows users to mute, switch between inputs, control volume and turn the user defined EQ settings on of off.

Led Lantern Powered Only By Water, Salt

LED Lantern Powered Only by Water, SaltGreen House will release an LED lantern that generates electricity with water and salt.

The lantern, "GH-LED10WBW," does not require a dry cell or rechargeable battery and emits light when water and salt are put in the lantern. It can continuously generate electricity for eight hours per charge of water.