Photoscape / Teenagers Help Preserve Art Of Puppet Theater

Photoscape / Teenagers help preserve art of puppet theater

By Masanori Inagaki / Yomiuri Shimbun PhotographerLeaders of traditional puppet theater are working to pass their art on to future generations, holding workshops for younger people and energetically performing in Japan and overseas.

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo is a puppet show in Hachioji, Tokyo. The Nishikawa Koryu Troupe headed by fifth-generation leader Nishikawa Koryu, 64, is working hard to ensure its art survives.

Jokes, Family Love Persevere After Boy Loses Eye, Side Of Face In Cancer Surgery

Jokes, family love persevere after boy loses eye, side of face in cancer surgeryAfter undergoing extensive surgery that removed nearly half of his face and an eye, Rion Shiokawa looked into a mirror .. and burst out laughing.
“I look like a zombie,” the elementary school boy said.
Rion, 10, never lost his sense of humor despite suffering from an extremely rare disease and enduring a daylong operation.