Go!go!vanillas' Hasegawa 'pretty' Keisuke Regains Consciousness

go!go!vanillas' Hasegawa 'Pretty' Keisuke regains consciousness

It's been announced that go!go!vanillas member Hasegawa 'Pretty' Keisuke (B), who had been in a coma after being hit by a car earlier this month, has regained his consciousness. 

On December 12, Hasegawa was walking in Tokyo when a large vehicle struck him. After being taken to a hospital, he had been in a coma. The other three members of the band were permitted to meet with him just the other day, and were able to confirm that he was slowly regaining his consciousness. The band commented, "While he is unable to return to the band right away, he is devoting himself to treatment in order to recover and make a comeback as soon as possible."

Go!go!vanillas' Hasegawa 'pretty' Keisuke Injured After Hit By A Car

go!go!vanillas' Hasegawa 'Pretty' Keisuke injured after hit by a car

It's been reported that go!go!vanillas bassist Hasegawa 'Pretty' Keisuke was involved in a traffic accident.

On December 12, Hasegawa was walking in Tokyo when a large vehicle struck him. He was rushed to the hospital for multiple injuries. Although his life is not in danger, he is still unconscious and has several broken bones. 

2019 Toyota Rav4 Actually Looks Pretty Cool

2019 Toyota RAV4 actually looks pretty cool

Quick, what was Toyota's best-selling vehicle in America last year? If you said Camry or Corolla, you were close, but in fact it was the RAV4. It sold over 400,000 units last year, topping the next best-selling Camry by about 20,000 cars. And this was despite the fact that the current RAV4 is roughly 5 years old, and the Camry was completely redesigned, and improved, last year. That makes the RAV4 monumentally important to the Japanese carmaker. Thankfully, though, instead of playing it safe and keeping the conservative-looking crossover inoffensive, Toyota has injected life into the little SUV with some really rugged styling.

The new RAV4 looks very much like the FT-AC concept shown at this past L.A. Auto Show. In fact, comparing the two back to back, it looks like the FT-AC was in fact a RAV4 with slightly more aggressive cladding added to hide the fact it was a real SUV. No matter the trim level, every RAV4 gets chunky plastic cladding and fender flares. The wheel arches are trapezoidal, and angular creases abound, emphasizing the fact that this cute ute doesn't want to be called "cute." The Adventure model has a grille that looks much like that found on the Toyota Tacoma, big roof rails and large off-road-inspired fog lights. The other models have lower, meaner looking grilles that seem to emphasize more of a road-going theme. The XSE Hybrid gets unique gloss metallic black cladding and roof, and the Limited gets chrome accents. Two-tone color schemes are available on almost all varieties of RAV4. All RAV4s also sit higher, approximately half an inch higher than their respective predecessors.

2018 Lexus Ls 500 F Sport Drivers' Notes Review | Pretty But Imperfect

2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport Drivers' Notes Review | Pretty but imperfectThe ultimate Lexus, and the one that launched the brand, the LS was completely redesigned for the 2018 model year. It introduced an aggressive version of the famous (infamous?) "spindle" grille, a swoopy interior, and went to a completely V6-powered lineup, the fully gas-powered model featuring a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter engine. Not only that, but it adopted the platform of the stunning Lexus LC 500.

New Canon Patent Describes Something Pretty Innovative From The Japanese Camera Giant

New Canon patent describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant

A Canon patent from October, 2017 resurfaced on the Canon rumor mill today, and it describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant. The patent shows a lens adapter—ostensibly designed for a mirrorless camera—that features a built-in variable-voltage ND filter.

The ND filter component is "formed from an electrochromic device [or a liquid crystal element] which changes light transmittance on application of a voltage." That way, you could electronically and silently change the amount of light hitting your camera's sensor without stopping down the lens.

All-electric Toyota Ae86 Drift Car Is Actually Pretty Cool

All-Electric Toyota AE86 Drift Car Is Actually Pretty Cool

Many believe that electric propulsion will spell the end of exhilarating performance cars. Let this all-electric Toyota AE86 drift car teach you otherwise.

Built by U.S. engineer Omead Moinee, this AE86-generation Toyota Corolla features a 275-volt battery pack that delivers 330 lb-ft of torque at 200 rpm until roughly 4,000 rpm.

Rumored Nissan Leaf Nismo Could Look Pretty Much Like This

Rumored Nissan Leaf Nismo Could Look Pretty Much Like This

Taken into its second generation just last week, the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf is trying out a virtual Nismo suit, and it's not only for kicks.

A previous report said that such a version of the electric compact hatch could be on the table, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it's coming though, as an official decision has yet to be taken.

Harajuku Lolita Style With Angelic Pretty, Innocent World & Baby

Harajuku Lolita Style with Angelic Pretty, Innocent World & BabyWe met Shino on the streets of Harajuku. The 19-year-old university student’s cute pastel colored Lolita outfit caught our eye.
Shino is wearing an Angelic Pretty blouse with ruffles and a mint green printed jumper skirt from Japanese lolita fashion brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Her white sandals are also from Angelic Pretty. Her accessories include an Innocent World heart-shaped handbag, a cute pink bow backpack from Angelic Pretty, a matching mint green bow headband and a cute pink parasol.

Taiwan Cherry Trees Pretty In Pink On Amami-oshima

Taiwan cherry trees pretty in pink on Amami-OshimaFor those with a hankering to go “hanami” flower viewing, now is the time on the north of Amami-Oshima island.
Tatsugo's forest park was ablaze in vivid pink on Jan. 8 as Deputy Mayor Kazunori Kumamoto announced that its 260 “hikanzakura” (Taiwan cherry) trees were starting to bloom.

Start-up’s Cute Robot Teacher Is Not Just A Pretty Face

Start-up’s cute robot teacher is not just a pretty faceWith its diminutive stature, Musio the English-teaching robot might not command the fear of its pupils, but its cute face could win over the most reluctant of students.
The horned android, coming to the market next year from U.S. start-up AKA, can converse in English and grade pronunciation by American standards.

Strawberry Print Angelic Pretty Lolita Dress

Strawberry Print Angelic Pretty Lolita DressThis is Emo, a 19-year-old girl we spotted on the street in Harajuku. She has long, blond hair and is wearing cute lolita fashion.
Her strawberry print dress is from the Japanese lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty, worn with Angelic Pretty pink cross-strap shoes. Emo is carrying a pink parasol and Swimmer basket bag. Some of her accessories – which include flower pins in her hair, lace gloves, and ruffle socks – are from Spank!, one of her favorite shops along with Angelic Pretty.