Suga: Govt. Obligated To Prevent Nuclear Accidents

Suga: Govt. obligated to prevent nuclear accidents

Japan's top government spokesperson says the government has an obligation to draw lessons from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in order to prevent recurrences.

Yoshihide Suga made the remark at a news conference on Thursday.

The New Nintendo Switch Will Have A Different Packaging To Prevent Confusion

The New Nintendo Switch Will Have A Different Packaging To Prevent Confusion

However, given that there is no difference aesthetically, how will gamers know which Switch they are buying? For starters, there will be a barcode that will differentiate the previous Switch from the new Switch, but to make it clearer, Nintendo has confirmed that the new Switch will come with new packaging to make things more obvious.

According to Nintendo who issued a statement to iMore, “The revised model of the flagship Nintendo Switch system includes the same look as the original, but it has longer battery life. The packaging for Nintendo Switch has also been given a new look. Consumers should start seeing the new packaging on store shelves around mid-August, but that will vary by individual stores and locations.”

Developing Device To Prevent Mistaken Acceleration

Developing device to prevent mistaken acceleration

Japan's transport ministry plans to ask domestic automakers to promote the development of an attachable device to prevent drivers from accidentally stepping on the accelerator instead of the brakes.

The move comes amid a rise in the number of fatal crashes caused by elderly drivers.

Wrestlers Must Shave Beards To Prevent Audience Discomfort

Wrestlers must shave beards to prevent audience discomfort

OSAKA--In another move to clean up the sport, sumo wrestlers, even superstitious ones, must shave off their beards before entering the dohyo, the Japan Sumo Association (JSA) said.

"We want you to be neat and tidy for the spectators as you climb up to the grand stage," Oguruma, the JSA director and former ozeki known as Kotokaze, told a meeting of wrestlers here on Feb. 26.

Japan Plans To Prevent Dispute Over Procurement

Japan plans to prevent dispute over procurement

Japan plans to ensure that its decision to change the procedures on procuring telecom equipment, which could exclude Chinese makers, will not affect the 2 countries' relationship. Beijing is urging Japan not to exclude them.

The Japanese government decided to revise the procedures for procurement to take into account national security risks from next fiscal year, which starts in April.
The revision is aimed at preventing data leaks by cyberattacks.

Abe Vows To Prevent Further Tampered Documents

Abe vows to prevent further tampered documents

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed his readiness to compile measures to prevent official ministry documents from being tampered with.

Abe expressed the view after the Finance Ministry disclosed on Monday findings of its in-house investigation into the allegation as well as announcing bureaucrats who will face disciplinary action for their involvement.

Android P Will Prevent Apps Built For Android 4.1 Or Lower From Running

Android P Will Prevent Apps Built For Android 4.1 Or Lower From Running

There are probably a ton of apps on the Google Play Store that haven't been updated since their release, and possibly for years. Maybe the developer has forsaken the app, or maybe the app is simple enough where despite the various updates to Android, it still works. However that will change with Android P.

According to a report from Android Police, it seems that with Android P, Google will block apps built for Android 4.1 or lower from running on the phone. This means that users who are still using these very old apps will not be able to use them if they decide to make the upgrade to Android P.

Abe: Law Necessary To Prevent Terror Attacks

Abe: Law necessary to prevent terror attacksJapan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the country needs a law to impose criminal charges on those plotting terror attacks ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.
Abe was speaking to the Lower House Budget Committee on Thursday.

First-in-japan Project Aims To Prevent Smartphone Related Traffic Accidents

First-in-Japan Project Aims to Prevent Smartphone Related Traffic Accidents Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Komeda Co., Ltd. (Komeda), and KDDI Corporation (KDDI) will begin an initiative on September 20, 2016 by utilizing a smartphone application called Driving Barista. The application is aimed at reducing the number of traffic accidents in Aichi Prefecture which are caused by drivers using their smartphones while driving. This is the first traffic safety initiative in Japan involving a smartphone application, which is to be carried out and jointly promoted by an automobile company, a communication company, and a food and beverage company.

Sony Thinks The Ps4 Pro Will Prevent Gamers From Switching To Pc

Sony Thinks The PS4 Pro Will Prevent Gamers From Switching To PCThere is a bit of rivalry between console gaming and PC gaming. Some believe that PC gaming is superior simply because pretty much everyone owns a computer, plus upgrading a PC is a lot more easier and feasible than a console. However the reverse is true, which is that consoles are fixed meaning that gamers won’t have about compatibility and meeting hardware requirements.