Osaka Airport Security Problem Disrupts Flights

Osaka airport security problem disrupts flights

Flight operations at Osaka International Airport in western Japan have been disrupted after a knife was found during a security check.

Police were notified on Thursday morning that the knife was found in the bag of a male passenger who had gone through a security gate in the airport's southern inspection area, which is mainly used by All Nippon Airways.

Data Problem Found With Another Aegis Ashore Site

Data problem found with another Aegis Ashore site

It has been learned that problematic data was submitted for a Defense Ministry survey of a candidate site in western Japan for the deployment of a missile defense system.

The revelation follows a similar problem at another candidate site in northern Japan.

How To Fix 'computer Not Recognizing Android Device' Problem

How To Fix ‘Computer Not Recognizing Android Device' Problem

Regardless of the operating system, Mac, Windows or Linux, computer not recognizing your Android smartphone or tablet is a pretty common issue. Thankfully though, there are multiple effective ways of dealing with it.

In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the process of figuring out why your Android device fails to connect to your computer.

Abe: New Team To Examine Problem Of Faulty Data

Abe: New team to examine problem of faulty data

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says a new working group of the internal affairs ministry will thoroughly examine the problem of faulty labor surveys to ensure the credibility of the government's statistics.

Abe was speaking at a Lower House committee on Monday.

Cabinet Revises Budget Bill After Data Problem

Cabinet revises budget bill after data problem

Japan's Cabinet has taken the unusual step of revising the country's budget bill for fiscal 2019. It's rare to revise a draft budget that's already been approved by the Cabinet. The move comes after some calculations were found to be based on incomplete labor statistics.

The budget now includes an additional 6 million dollars from the general account to go toward underpaid unemployment benefits and other work-related payouts.

Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

If you’re particularly concerned about smelly feet or the odor that your shoes leave behind once you take them off, Panasonic has a new gadget that will help make your life easier. The company today announced a new device that it’s calling a “shoe deodorizer.” The Panasonic MS-DS100 features “nanoe X” which generates 10 times more hydroxyl (OH) radicals than “nanoe” in order remove shoe odors.

It works once it’s plugged in and the bottom nodes are placed into the shoes that need their odor removed. It then eliminates odors by basically bombarding the shoes with highly charged ions which penetrate through the material and dissolve particles to eliminate the bad smells.

Awd Mazda6 Or Mazda3? That Could Be A Thing, But There's A Problem

AWD Mazda6 or Mazda3? That could be a thing, but there's a problem

We wanted a stronger engine in the Mazda6, and last week at the L.A. Auto Show we got one, Mazda's turbocharged 2.5-liter four. (Though some of us wanted a manual transmission with it, but didn't get that.) And now we learn that apparently a lot of us would like to have all-wheel drive in Mazda's sedans. That might be a tough ask, but Mazda says it hears us.

In an interview with CarAdvice, Masahiro Moro, Mazda North America's president and CEO, said there's a big demand in the U.S. for AWD, so Mazda's looking into it.

Toyota, Lexus Suvs Recalled Because Airbag Problem

Toyota, Lexus SUVs Recalled because airbag problemToyota and Lexus are recalling certain SUVs and pickup trucks in their lineup to address an issue with their side curtain airbags.
The safety recall affects approximately 320,000 vehicles and include the 2003-2006 Land Cruiser, 2004-2006 4Runner, 2005-2006 Tundra and Sequoia, 2003-2006 Lexus LX470 and 2004-2006 GX470.

Toyota Avalon, Lexus Es Recalled Because Of Braking Problem

Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES Recalled because of braking problemThe Toyota Avalon and Lexus ES sedans are being recalled for an issue with the cars’ collision-avoidance system.
A total of approximately 31,000 units are impacted by the recall with the Japanese automakers saying that the collision-avoidance system could be too reactive when encountering certain objects that do not pose an immediate threat.