Epson Promotes Environmental Education Program In China

Epson Promotes Environmental Education Program in ChinaEpson has been conducting an environmental education program for children in China since 2007. Held around the country, in locations such as Beijing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Suzhou, and Shenzhen, the program seeks to raise environmental awareness, spur interest in environmental problems, and empower children to initiate action to preserve the environment. China faces pressing environmental problems, and Epson hopes to help contribute by encouraging the younger generation to adopt green habits.

Modern Day Samurai Troop Promotes Date's City

Modern day samurai troop promotes Date's cityVisitors to Sendai may be surprised to see samurai clad in armor and carrying swords on the city streets.
It seems as if Date Masamune, the feudal warlord who founded the Sendai domain, and his 11 faithful vassals have come back to modern world.

Hino Restructure Gains And Promotes Experience

Hino Restructure Gains And Promotes ExperienceA management restructure at Hino Motor Sales Australia has added years of motor industry experience and promoted talent from within.
Highly experienced automotive management professional Bill Gillespie has joined Hino Australia as Divisional Manager - Brand and Franchise Development, while Hino Australia's Daniel Petrovski has been promoted to the position of Manager - Product Strategy.

X-men's 'wolverine' Promotes Fukuyama As Tourism Ambassador

X-Men's 'Wolverine' promotes Fukuyama as tourism ambassadorEven a brooding mutant malcontent prone to "beserker rages" can occasionally be a nice agreeable guy.
Moved by "the kindness of the people" in the Tomonoura bay area, actor Hugh Jackman recently sent a letter of appreciation to the Tomo-Ryoma Omotenashi-tai (The Hospitality Squad of Tomo-Ryoma) for its help in the filming of the 45-year-old Australian's latest Hollywood blockbuster superhero film, "The Wolverine."

Epson Portland Promotes Reuse To Improve Quality And Reduce The Environmental Burden

Epson Portland Promotes Reuse to Improve Quality and Reduce the Environmental BurdenWhile many technology companies outsource manufacturing, Epson has a longstanding commitment to monozukuri, which translates as the art and science of manufacturing. Epson strongly believes in creating from the ground-up products that it designed itself, and in refining the techniques and skills developed in manufacturing products to form the basis for the next generation of products. Although the idea of monozukuri developed in Japan, a strong commitment to continuously honing skills is present throughout the entire Epson Group worldwide.