Japan Post Promoting New Year's Cards

Japan Post promoting New Year's cards

Japan Post held a ceremony in Tokyo on Monday to mark the start of the season for sending New Year's greeting cards.

Post offices across Japan started accepting the cards on Saturday.

Nissan Is Promoting The Leaf Ev By ... Giving Away Gasoline?

Nissan is promoting the Leaf EV by ... giving away gasoline?

In an unusual marketing move, Nissan is promoting the Leaf electric car by going to the last place you would see one, a gas station. Actually, Nissan is going to multiple gas stations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, and the promotion involves giving people free gasoline. Nissan will "take over" gas stations and give away gasoline to people that come. The company will also have a Leaf on display.

It seems the idea is to give people a sense of what it's like to not pay to keep your car fueled, which would be the case if they were driving a Leaf. For people who spend a lot on gas, maybe on a thirsty car or truck, this is probably a strong selling point. And getting that free tank of gas could hammer it home. Having spent a week in a Chevy Bolt EV recently, I can personally attest to the appeal of not having to buy gasoline to drive around, and I drive reasonably efficient cars. Of course, part of the appeal was simply not having to stop at a gas station, period.

Nissan Spent $250 Million Sponsoring Rio Olympics Promoting Brand And Kicks Crossover

Nissan Spent $250 Million Sponsoring Rio Olympics Promoting Brand And Kicks CrossoverNissan is betting on the bounce-back of the Brazilian economy with it emerging that the automaker paid about $250 million to be a major sponsor at the ongoing 2016 Rio Olympics.
While speaking with Detroit News after running with the Olympic torch, Nissan-Renault boss Carlos Ghosn said that its South American product offensive will be led by the upcoming Nissan Kicks.

Panasonic : Promoting B2b Solutions At New Office Showroom In The Us And Us Open

Panasonic : Promoting B2B Solutions at New Office Showroom in the US and US OpenPanasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) hosted a press presentation event at its Innovation Center, the company's first ever general showroom in the United States, located within the new offices in Newark, New Jersey. At the Innovation Center and at the venue for the US Open Tennis Championships (US Open) , the company is appealing its transition into a company that provides a wide range of B2B solutions alongside its consumer products familiar to the American market.