Japan Protests S.korea Takeshima Drills

Japan protests S.Korea Takeshima drills

Japan has lodged a protest following South Korea's announcement that it would start 2 days of routine military drills on Thursday around the Takeshima islands in the Sea of Japan. South Korea controls the islands. Japan claims them.

South Korea's military said the country's navy, marine corps and coast guard would take part in the drills aimed at thwarting an attempt to land on the islands.

Japan Protests S.korean Ship In Territorial Waters

Japan protests S.Korean ship in territorial waters

Japan has lodged a protest with South Korea over a research ship's entry into Japanese territorial waters without consent.

The Foreign Ministry said on Friday a Japan Coast Guard patrol ship spotted the vessel entering territorial waters near the Takeshima Islands in the Sea of Japan after 9 AM on the previous day.

Japan Protests Russian Drills Near Etorofu

Japan protests Russian drills near Etorofu

Japan has lodged a protest through diplomatic routes with Russia over its planned firing drills in waters near the island of Etorofu. Japan claims the island as part of its Northern Territories.

Russia's government told Japan's Foreign Ministry on Monday that the drills will start on Wednesday and continue through Saturday.

Japan Protests China's Block Of Sankei Reporter

Japan protests China's block of Sankei reporter

Japan's government has lodged a protest with China over its refusal to allow a reporter of a Japanese daily to cover a high-ranking bilateral meeting in Beijing.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday that the protest was filed via a diplomatic channel. He called the Chinese move extremely regrettable.

Japan Protests Russia's Deployment Of Fighter Jets

Japan protests Russia's deployment of fighter jets

The Japanese government says it has filed a protest with Russia over its deployment of fighter jets to one of the 4 Russian-controlled islands claimed by Japan.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga spoke to reporters on Monday, 3 days after news media in Russia's Far East reported that the fighters had been sent to an airport on Etorofu Island on a trial basis.

Japan Protests China's Gas Field Activity

Japan protests China's gas field activity

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono says Japan has protested to China over its gas field activity in the East China Sea.

The Foreign Ministry says a new mobile drilling rig was spotted earlier this month on the Chinese side of a median line that separates the 2 countries' exclusive economic zones. The rig is believed to have a deeper drilling capacity than others in the area. The ministry told the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo that unilateral development of gas fields cannot be tolerated.

Japan Dissents Russian Rocket Deployment

Japan challenges Russian rocket sendingJapanese guard serve Tomomi Inada has challenged Moscow's arrangement of hostile to ship rockets on Russian-held islands asserted by Japan.
Inada and her Russian partner, Sergei Shoigu, met in Tokyo on Monday. It was the initially meeting between resistance priests of the 2 countries in more than 3 years.

Japan Protests Russian Plan Feb 2017

Japan protests Russian plan Feb 2017Japan's Foreign Ministry has filed a protest with its Russian counterpart, opposing plans to deploy a new military unit in Russia's Far East, including islands claimed by Japan.
Foreign Ministry officials said on Wednesday that if the deployment plan is intended to enhance Russia's military capabilities, it is regrettable as the plan is counter to Japan's basic position on the islands.

Protests Put Asian Soccer Refs On The Spot

Protests put Asian soccer refs on the spotA rash of complaints about controversial decisions has put Asia’s soccer referees on the spot despite strenuous efforts to raise standards.
Japan and Thailand both lodged official protests after key decisions went against them in this month’s World Cup qualifiers, while standards are mixed at club level.

Protests Growing Against Deployment Of Osprey In Japan

Protests growing against deployment of Osprey in JapanProtests are growing across the nation against the U.S. Marine Corps' planned deployment of vertical takeoff and landing Osprey aircraft in Japan.

In response, the National Governors' Association has adopted a resolution expressing opposition to the deployment of the aircraft in Japan.