Nissan Puts Legendary Rb26 Inline-six Engine Back Into Production

Nissan puts legendary RB26 inline-six engine back into production

One of the most difficult challenges for classic car enthusiasts is limited parts availability. But recently, that's become less of a problem for those restoring past iterations of Nissan's legendary Skyline models.

Just last year, Nissan scored positively among enthusiasts after its Nismo performance division said it would begin reproducing parts for some heritage models. Now, to the further delight of many Nissan lovers, Nismo just announced it will be expanding its heritage parts support even further by putting its legendary RB26 inline six back into production.

Lexus Puts That Vivid Yellow Lc500 Concept Into Limited Production

Lexus puts that vivid yellow LC500 concept into limited production

Back in August, Lexus crafted a vibrant yellow LC Inspiration Series concept car for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, complete with a lightly customized interior and carbon detailing. For the Chicago Auto Show this year, Lexus is bringing a limited edition production version with the same recipe.

The Flare Yellow cars are offered in a series of 100 units, with an inscription on the carbon fiber door sill covers marking each car as part of the limited run. The semi-aniline seats have yellow stitching, like on the concept car, and the interior also has similar yellow door inserts. However, the 21-inch wheels were dark cross-spokes on the concept, and the production Inspiration Series wears a different, split five-spoke design in the same size. But it has same carbon fiber roof and grille insert as the concept car.

Epsilon-4 Puts 7 Satellites Into Orbit

Epsilon-4 puts 7 satellites into orbit

Japan's Epsilon-4 rocket has put into orbit seven small satellites that were developed by private-sector companies and universities.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, launched the 26-meter-long rocket carrying the satellites on Friday morning from the Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Govt. Puts Off Missile Defense System Field Survey

Govt. puts off missile defense system field survey

Japan's Defense Ministry has decided to postpone a procedure to deploy a new missile defense system due to opposition from candidate host communities.

The ministry hopes to install one Aegis Ashore unit each in Self-Defense Force grounds in the western city of Hagi and the northern city of Akita.

Nintendo Puts Up Registration Page For Pokemon On The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Puts Up Registration Page For Pokemon On The Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt that apart from Super Smash Bros. that will be launching later this year on the Nintendo Switch, another highly-anticipated title would be the Pokemon RPG for the Switch that if the rumors have it right, could be launched later this year. Now it seems that Nintendo could be hinting that could indeed be happening.

According to reports, it appears that Nintendo has recently launched a registration page for the game on their website. What this registration page does is that it lets users put in their email address so that they will be notified about when the game will launch, how to pre-order it, and so on.

Aichi Pref. Zoo Puts Spotlight On Winter Bonfire-loving Monkeys

Aichi Pref. zoo puts spotlight on winter bonfire-loving monkeys

INUYAMA, Aichi -- The annual bonfire for Yakushima macaques at the Japan Monkey Centre here was shown to the press on Dec. 21, as a troop of monkeys sat by the fire to keep warm.

Some 150 monkeys flocked to the fire at the "Monkey Valley" exhibition area as soon as the staff set some scrap wood alight. They seemed to be enjoying the warmth, turning their bellies toward the fire and placing their hands over the flames. The monkeys then munched on sweet potatoes that had been baked in the fire.

Kobe Puts On A Dazzling Light Show In Memory Of Quake Victims

Kobe puts on a dazzling light show in memory of quake victims

KOBE--Kobe's dazzling winter light festival, held each year to commemorate victims of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, got off to a soggy start Dec. 8 under the theme of "Miraieno Manazashi" (Looking to the future).

The 23rd Kobe Luminarie, held in and around the former foreign settlement in Chuo Ward, kicked off with silent prayers for the 6,400 people who perished in the Jan. 17 disaster.

Gateway To Tokyo Puts On New Face With Granite Square

Gateway to Tokyo puts on new face with granite square

The renovated space in front of JR Tokyo Station was unveiled in its full glory on Dec. 7, displaying a grandeur more commonly associated with palaces than transport hubs.

The 19,000-square-meter area in front of the station's Marunouchi building, in the heart of the capital's commercial district, had been undergoing renovation work in a joint project between East Japan Railway Co. and the Tokyo metropolitan government since August 2014.