Cooked Radish Served At Year-end Ritual In Kyoto

Cooked radish served at year-end ritual in Kyoto

A Buddhist temple in Kyoto is holding its annual year-end event serving cooked Japanese radish, or daikon, to pray for the good health of visitors.

The Senbon Shakado temple's "Daikodaki" is a celebration of the Buddha's spiritual awakening and is said to date back about seven centuries.

A Wintry Vinegar Stir-fry Dish Of Pork, 'nira' And Daikon Radish

A wintry vinegar stir-fry dish of pork, 'nira' and daikon radish

A familiar aroma wafts from Iio Jozo, a vinegar brewery in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture, that stands by the seaside near the Amanohashidate sandbar, considered one of Japan's three most scenic views.

Akihiro Iio is the fifth-generation proprietor of the brewery that has been producing vinegar for 125 years. The company makes all of its rice vinegar from pesticide-free rice.

Roots Revival As Grated Radish Art Contest Returns

Roots revival as grated radish art contest returnsRadishes have plummeted in popularity in recent years, so farmers here aimed for the root of the problem by holding a “daikon oroshi” (grated radish) artwork competition.
But while sales may have dipped, dinner plates displaying decorations of animals and other shapes formed with grated radish are popular on the Internet and social networking sites.

Sauce Transforms Strips Of Dried Radish Into Tasty Fried Noodles

Sauce transforms strips of dried radish into tasty fried noodlesThey look and taste like fried noodles and Napolitan, a pasta dish with tomato-based sauce. But the texture--soft yet chewy--is different.
“I made the recipe so I could get my daughter to eat vegetables when she was small and ate little,” says cooking expert Megumi Fujii, who introduces a new way to enjoy “kiriboshi daikon,” strips of dried daikon radish.

Braised Daikon Radish And Beef

Braised daikon radish and beefDaikon radish is now in season in Japan. Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association came up with a garlic-flavored dish made by braising it with beef. The sweetness and texture differs depending on the part of the radish used. The sweet yet hard part below the leaves is better eaten fresh or grated. The sweet and soft middle part is good stewed or in soups. The tangier tip may be grated to accompany grilled fish and other dishes. Munakata introduces another dish using the peel.

Yellowtail And Lotus Root Cooked With Grated Radish

Yellowtail and lotus root cooked with grated radish“Buri,” or yellowtail, is a seasonal favorite in the colder months when the meat has a higher fat content. It goes well with daikon radish, grated to resemble “mizore,” sleet, dressing. Deep-frying the ingredients before simmering may seem like an unnecessary additional step, but it will reduce the time for the flavor to settle in. “This winter, fishermen had a good catch so you can buy wild yellowtail at a reasonable price,” says Japanese cuisine expert Tatsuo Saito. Serves two.