Most Railways, Highways Back To Normal

Most railways, highways back to normal

Most railway services are returning to normal on Tuesday after Typhoon Hagibis caused widespread disruption over the weekend.

Most Shinkansen or bullet train services have resumed. However, on the Hokuriku line, operations are still suspended between Nagano station and Joetsumyoko station. The trains were making round trips between Tokyo and Nagano stations and between Kanazawa and Joetsumyoko stations.

Anime News: Seibu Railway's Romantic Short About Chichibu Now Streaming

ANIME NEWS: Seibu Railway's romantic short about Chichibu now streaming

"Chichibu de Buchichi," an original animated short offered by Seibu Railway Co., is now streaming on the company's official website.

Set in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, and featuring voice actress and Chichibu native Tomoyo Kurosawa, the anime is aimed at promoting the charms of the city and its surrounding areas.

Railways Get Retro, As Old Is New For Trains And Stations

Railways get retro, as old is new for trains and stationsThe railway industry is going retro, which should give parents something to reminisce about with their children and add more enjoyment for railway buffs.

Renovations are under way at Tokyo Station that will restore the building to its original 1914 appearance. And the same thing is happening at Asakusa Station, which will be remodeled to appear as it did back in 1931.