Orange Juice From Faucets Becomes Reality

Orange juice from faucets becomes reality

A long-running joke that orange juice flows like water in western Japan's Ehime Prefecture has come true.

Two faucets serving up the fruit juice have been set up at an orange festival that started in a department store in the city of Matsuyama on Saturday.

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Unlike humans, robots do not come with the ability to think for themselves. This means that what a robot can do is pretty much what its creator has programmed it to do. While this is useful in factories on the assembly line where a robot might only have a few things to do, it becomes less useful when interacting with the real world.

Robots caretakers is expected to be a thing of the future, and to help that development along, Toyota Research Institute has adopted a unique approach to the problem by using virtual reality (VR) to teach robots skills it would need to be useful around a home. According to TRI’s senior manager Jeremy Ma, the reason for using VR is that because all homes are unique and it would be impossible to create a single set of instructions that would fit all households.

Mitsubishi Eyes Virtual Reality As A Vehicle For Trading Stocks

Mitsubishi Eyes Virtual Reality As A Vehicle For Trading Stocks

#CEATEC2018 – When you watch TV shows or movies about stock trading, they usually show a room where there are tons of screens. This is because there is so much information to keep track of that multiple screens are necessary if traders hope to stay on top of the game. Of course such a setup wouldn’t really be realistic for home traders.

Amazon's Shopping App For Android Updated With Augmented Reality

Amazon's Shopping App For Android Updated With Augmented Reality

Just the other day Google announced the launch of ARCore 1.0 and it looks like Amazon is one of the framework's early adopters. The company has recently announced an update to its Amazon shopping app on Android where they have added AR View as a new feature, which as its name suggests will let users use augmented reality (AR) to place objects in their living rooms.

The idea is that if you're shopping for certain items and you want to know what it will look like in your living room, bedroom, office desk, bathroom, and so on, you will be able to do so via the Amazon shopping app. According to Amazon, "Customers can overlay furniture, devices, lamps and more onto their existing living space and then move it and rotate it to get a full 360-degree peek in a live camera view to make sure it fits their style and aesthetic."

Nintendo Still Not Interested In Pursuing Virtual Reality For Now

Nintendo Still Not Interested In Pursuing Virtual Reality For Now

Many companies out there are starting to explore concepts like virtual reality (VR), such as Sony as we have seen with the PlayStation VR. However it seems that Nintendo isn't quite ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet, claiming that the technology isn't viable in a mainstream way just yet.

This was revealed in an interview with French publication Les Numeriques (via Game Informer) in which head of Nintendo France Philippe Lavoué revealed the company's current stance on the technology. According to Lavoué, he claims that consumers would prefer something that is the "total package", and that because they don't see VR as being the total package at the moment, they aren't quite so eager to adopt the technology yet.

Telesar V Is A Robot That Can Be Controlled In Virtual Reality

Telesar V Is A Robot That Can Be Controlled In Virtual Reality

[CEATEC 2017] Being able to control robots remotely has always been possible, like we've seen with drones, bomb disposal robots, and so on. However recently researchers have actually explored the idea of potentially using virtual reality (VR) to control robots, which is what we saw researchers at MIT CSAIL do not too long ago.

However it seems that they're not the only ones looking into the potential as at CEATEC 2017 this year, a company by the name of Telexistence took the wraps off the Telesar V robot which is a robot that can be controlled using a VR setup, such as with a VR headset and a pair of controllers. However unlike MIT's version which offers users virtual controls like virtual knobs/dials, the Telesar V is controlled using the person's motion.

Japanese Documentary Aims To Show Reality Of Nighttime Nurseries

Japanese documentary aims to show reality of nighttime nurseries

A Japanese documentary film that attempts to dispel negative perceptions about nighttime nursery schools is being released in Tokyo as a curtain raiser for a nationwide run.

The film titled "Yakan mo Yatteru Hoikuen" (Nurseries Open Even at Night) tries to spotlight the plain truth about struggling working and single mothers or single-parent families faced with few options but to leave their children in nurseries at night.

Lexus To Hold Virtual Reality Press Conference At Frankfurt Motor Show

Lexus to Hold Virtual Reality Press Conference at Frankfurt Motor Show

Lexus will be pioneering a new type of press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September — instead of the usual presentation by a Lexus executive on the show floor, journalists will be able to experience a virtual reality "press conference on demand":

Accredited journalists are able to call at the Lexus stand at any time during the press days. After introducing themselves at the welcome desk, they will be given a pair of augmented reality glasses – the Microsoft HoloLens.

Acura Is Livestreaming An Augmented Reality Race On Facebook

Acura is livestreaming an augmented reality race on Facebook

Honda's luxury car brand Acura is set to livestream an augmented reality race featuring its 2018 TLX A-Spec sedan. The event will see four drivers hit a real track while wearing AR helmets that will create new virtual environments for each lap. Aside from spectating, viewers will also be able to interact with the racers on Facebook Live. The race will see each driver attempt to clock the fastest overall time during a three-lap time trial. That sounds simple enough, until the AR environments come online and really begin altering what the drivers see. As a result, each lap will trigger a new mixed-reality environment, visible to both the drivers and viewers. Central to the virtual experience will be the computer-connected helmets worn by the racers. Within each helmet is a HD screen with a two-way mirror that allows the driver to see the AR overlaid onto the real track. A computer rig in the backseat, powered by the Acura's battery, will generate the environments. To ensure the experience runs smoothly, Acura will have to track the objects on the tarmac and the movement of the car itself. Of course, this isn't Forza, so you can't just rewind the action should something go wrong, so Acura will use custom-made tracking gear to ensure the drivers don't plough into a wall because their eyes deceive them. You can tune into the race on Monday at 8pm ET on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Viewers will be shown the action courtesy of cameras placed on the drivers' helmets and around the track. Facebook Live audience members will also be able to offer hints and tips. Acura claims the interactions will transform viewers into a virtual pit crew.

Perverted Reality: Women Outpace Men At 'love Doll' Exhibit

Perverted reality: Women outpace men at 'love doll' exhibit

Admirers at a "love doll" exhibition in Tokyo are a far cry from the stereotypical image of an introverted pervert fulfilling his dark fantasies with an anatomically correct plastic companion in his lonely apartment.

Visitors at the venue can be heard praising the beauty and life-like appearances of what are essentially toys used by men for simulated sexual acts. These accolades often come from women.

These 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Renders Could Be Very Close To Reality

These 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Renders Could Be Very Close To Reality

Toyota is working on a facelift for the Land Cruiser Prado and Instagramer Hamad1two3 has posted some rendering of what the model could look like.

If the pictures are accurate, the model will be equipped with a new front fascia which eschews the cartoonish headlights of the current model. The SUV also has a more aggressive front bumper, a restyled grille, and new fog lights. The rear end largely carries over but there's updated taillights, a new tailgate, and a modestly revised bumper.