Olympic Medals To Be Made Of Recycled Metals

Olympic medals to be made of recycled metals

Officials at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be giving out thousands of medals to the world's top athletes. Organizers say they hope to make the gold, silver and bronze awards from recycled metals.

About 5,000 will be manufactured from materials extracted from donated electronic devices.

Nissan To Use Recycled Leaf Batteries To Power Street Lights

Nissan To Use Recycled Leaf Batteries To Power Street Lights

The idea of electric cars is that they're meant to help reduce our carbon footprint in the world. However there are some questions, such as what do companies do with the used batteries after they've done? Do they simply throw them away? While different companies probably have different approaches, Nissan has an idea: use them to power street lights.

In a program dubbed "The Reborn Light", this sees Nissan take recycled Nissan Leaf batteries and use them to power street lights. This will involve the use of a solar panel that will be used to charge the batteries so that at night, the batteries can then be used to provide lights on the street for both pedestrians and traffic.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Make Medals From Recycled Gadgets

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Make Medals From Recycled GadgetsIf you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know that the country is famous for its recycling efforts, to the point where a bottle isn’t just a bottle, but it can be further separated by its plastic wrapper, its bottle cap, and the body of the bottle itself. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that their attitude towards recycling is being applied to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Sony Commences External Sales Of Sorplas™ Flame-retardant Recycled Plastic Material

Sony commences external sales of SORPLAS™ flame-retardant recycled plastic material Sony Corporation ("Sony") today announced that from the beginning of October 2014, it will commence selling its flame-retardant recycled plastic, SORPLAS™ (Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic) outside the Sony Group, and will offer this product to a wide variety of manufacturing business operators such as consumer electronics retailers, both within Japan and abroad.

Teijin To Launch Water-proof Printing Paper Made Of Recycled Polyester

Teijin to Launch Water-proof Printing Paper Made of Recycled PolyesterTeijin developed printing paper that is made of polyester fiber reclaimed by a recycle technology and can be used for laser printers in collaboration with Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co Ltd.

The printing paper, "Laser Eco Pet," is made of the company's "Eco Pet" polyester fiber, which is made from used plastic bottles. It has a higher water resistance than normal printing papers made by using pulp. And the paper is hardly torn even when it gets wet so that it can be used outside and near water.