Masks Remain In Short Supply In Japan

Masks remain in short supply in Japan

Face masks have been in short supply in Japan amid the coronavirus outbreak as well as hay fever.

The industry ministry says domestic mask makers are operating around the clock to triple their outputs to about 100-million masks a week.

China Auto Plants At Coronavirus Epicenter Will Remain Closed

China auto plants at coronavirus epicenter will remain closed

TOKYO — Japanese automakers delayed on Friday the restart of plants in China near the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak, complying with authorities' directives but raising the risk of further supply disruptions that could hit global car production.

Nissan Motor Co said it would keep its plants in Xianyang in the central province of Hubei, and Zhengzhou in the neighboring province of Henan, shuttered after Monday, when it had planned to resume operations, but did not set a new date.

Japan, S.korea Remain Apart Over Gsomia

Japan, S.Korea remain apart over GSOMIA

Japan and South Korea have been unable to break a deadlock over a bilateral intelligence-sharing agreement.

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono and his South Korean counterpart, Jeong Kyeong-doo, met on Sunday in Bangkok on the sidelines of a regional forum.

Japan Wants Joseph To Remain National Rugby Coach

Japan wants Joseph to remain national rugby coach

Japanese rugby's governing body has decided to officially ask the national team's head coach, Jamie Joseph, to stay in the post after leading the side to the best eight in the World Cup for the first time ever.

The president of the Japan Rugby Football Union, Shigetaka Mori, told reporters that a panel made the decision on Thursday. The decision was reportedly unanimous.

Thousands Remain Evacuated After Typhoon

Thousands remain evacuated after typhoon

A total of 4,249 people remain in evacuation shelters across 13 prefectures in Japan, indicating the scale of destruction left by Typhoon Hagibis last weekend.

The Cabinet Office said as of Thursday Fukushima Prefecture in the northeast had the highest number of evacuees, with 1,699 sheltering at 51 facilities.

Most Rail Lines To Remain Halted In Greater Tokyo

Most rail lines to remain halted in greater Tokyo

Railway operators in greater Tokyo will halt shinkansen and most local train services on Sunday morning for safety checks in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis.

East Japan Railway, or JR East, says all of its local lines will be out of operation at least until around noon.

Report: Deaths From Overwork Remain At High Levels

Report: Deaths from overwork remain at high levels

A Japanese government report is calling on industries -- in particular, construction and media -- to take serious steps to prevent deaths from overworking.

The government approved on Tuesday a white paper exploring "karoshi," or death caused by excessive work in Japan.

Challenges Remain After Power Restored In Chiba

Challenges remain after power restored in Chiba

Tokyo Electric Power Company says electricity has been almost completely restored throughout Chiba Prefecture more than two weeks after Typhoon Faxai caused widespread blackouts. But residents are still facing many challenges.

After TEPCO announced on its website on Tuesday evening that no households were still without power, some reported to the company that their electricity has not been restored due to damaged power lines.

Japan, S.korea Remain Apart On Wartime Labor Issue

Japan, S.Korea remain apart on wartime labor issue

Senior Foreign Ministry officials from Japan and South Korea met in Tokyo on Friday to discuss the issue of wartime labor. After three hours of talks, they failed to narrow their differences.

Last year, South Korea's Supreme Court ordered Japanese firms to compensate Koreans who say they were forced to work for the firms during World War Two.

Power, Water Remain Severed In Chiba Prefecture

Power, water remain severed in Chiba Prefecture

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Chiba Prefecture are still without electricity and water after Typhoon Faxai ripped through the greater Tokyo area on Monday.

The storm left up to 640,000 houses in the prefecture without power. Two people died of suspected heatstroke symptoms.

Phone Services Remain Limited In Typhoon-hit Areas

Phone services remain limited in typhoon-hit areas

Japan's mobile carriers say their phone services remain limited in Chiba Prefecture, as well as some other areas, mainly in the Kanto region. They cite antenna towers that have been left without power by Typhoon Faxai, which made landfall early Monday.

NTT Docomo says that as of Wednesday afternoon, its mobile phone connectivity is poor in 43 municipalities of Chiba Prefecture, as well as five in Kanagawa and one in Shizuoka prefecture. The islands of Oshima and Niijima, which are part of Tokyo, are also experiencing connectivity problems.

Some Homes To Remain Without Power On Wednesday

Some homes to remain without power on Wednesday

Tokyo Electric Power Company says blackouts caused by Typhoon Faxai will continue on Wednesday in some areas near Tokyo.

TEPCO Power Grid President Yoshinori Kaneko offered an update early Wednesday on efforts to restore power to more than 448,000 households and businesses in Chiba Prefecture and 6,000 in Kanagawa.

Kyoto Animation: Original Images Remain On Server

Kyoto Animation: Original images remain on server

Officials from Kyoto Animation say they have found data of some original anime images on a computer server that survived the deadly arson attack on its studio.

The animation studio lost a lot of material, including original stills of popular anime works that were drawn on paper, in the July 18 fire that killed 35 people.