Lekima Moving Away From Okinawa's Remote Islands

Lekima moving away from Okinawa's remote islands

Typhoon Lekima is moving away from remote islands in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa. But weather officials are urging caution for strong winds, high waves and storm surges.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 9 a.m. on Friday, Lekima was about 260 kilometers north of Ishigaki Island and was moving northwest at 30 kilometers per hour.

Lekima Heading North Off Okinawa's Remote Islands

Lekima heading north off Okinawa's remote islands

Violent wind from Typhoon Lekima has been battering remote islands in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa. The Meteorological Agency continues to warn of very strong winds, high waves, and storm surges.

The agency says that as of 6 a.m. on Friday, Lekima was situated 190 kilometers north of Ishigaki Island.

Typhoon Hits Okinawa's Remote Islands; 4 Injured

Typhoon hits Okinawa's remote islands; 4 injured

Violent wind from a typhoon is battering remote islands in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa. Four people have been injured.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 9 p.m. on Thursday, Typhoon Lekima was situated 80 kilometers east of Ishigaki Island.

Remote Schools To Get Better Internet Services

Remote schools to get better internet services

Japan's Education Ministry plans to improve Internet services used by isolated schools for remote learning. The effort will kick off in April next year with the goal to narrow the education gap between urban and rural communities.

The ministry already offers online learning at schools on remote islands and in under populated areas. But officials say the connections are unstable and video lectures sometimes get cut off.

Ps4 Remote Play Finally Arrives On Ios Devices

PS4 Remote Play Finally Arrives On iOS Devices

If you’re an iOS user who also owns a Sony PS4, you might be interested to learn that in a recent update to Sony’s PS4 console, the company has finally introduced support for the PS4 Remote Play feature for iOS devices. This is something that many gamers have been asking for over the years, and now it has finally happened.

All users need to do is ensure that they have the latest firmware to their consoles and the app downloaded on their phone, which can be found in the iOS App Store, and then ensure that their PS4 and mobile devices are synced up and they should be good to go. For those who are unfamiliar with Remote Play, this is basically where players can stream games from their PS4 console onto other devices.

Eruptions On Remote Island Expand Japan's Eez

Eruptions on remote island expand Japan's EEZ

Japan Coast Guard officials say the volcanic eruptions on a tiny remote island in the Pacific are expanding Japan's territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

Volcanic activity began near Nishinoshima Island in November 2013. Lava flows have made the island larger.

New Ps4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-detection

New PS4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-Detection

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Given how modern day gaming consoles are being marketed as being more than just for games and can be good for entertainment like watching videos and more, it’s not surprising that there are also accessories like PDP’s Media Remote for the Sony PS4. Now if you have yet to get the remote or are looking for an update, you’re in luck.

Eruption On Remote Island Continues

Eruption on remote island continues

The Japan Coast Guard says the latest volcanic eruption on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean is continuing.

Nishinoshima had a minor eruption, its first since last August, on July 12th. The uninhabited volcanic island is about 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

Intel Kills Off Remote Keyboard App For Ios & Android Citing Vulnerabilities

Intel Kills Off Remote Keyboard App For iOS & Android Citing Vulnerabilities

While Intel might be primarily known for their chipsets for desktop and laptop computers, the company has experimented with different forms of computing, such as the Intel NUC and the Intel Compute Stick. The company also launched an app for iOS and Android devices in the form of the Remote Keyboard that let users control said devices with their phones.

However it seems that Intel has decided to kill the app due to security vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Not only has Intel decided to discontinue it, but they have also issued a Product Discontinuation notice which recommends users to uninstall the app from their devices due to the vulnerabilities that were discovered.

Remote Torii Gate Depicted In Hit Anime Series Finds Sns Fame

Remote torii gate depicted in hit anime series finds SNS fame

KANONJI, Kagawa Prefecture--A previously attention-starved shrine on a remote mountaintop is causing a buzz on social networking sites (SNS) for its "torii gate in the sky," which was depicted in a hit anime series.

Located atop 400-meter-high Mount Inazumiyama, the Takayajinja shrine's torii offers a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and a coastal townscape.

Sony Develops Remote-driven Vehicle With Ai

Sony develops remote-driven vehicle with AI

Sony Corp. has developed an electric vehicle that can be driven remotely using advanced sensor technology to capture a 360-degree image of its surroundings and also featuring artificial intelligence, the electronics maker said Tuesday.

The SC-1 -- which is about 3 meters long, a little under 2 meters tall and accommodates three passengers -- is not designed for road use but could transport people at leisure facilities such as golf courses and shopping malls.

Wild Boars Processed Into Raw Ham On Remote Island

Wild boars processed into raw ham on remote island

Hunters in Kamijima, Ehime Prefecture, are taking steps to sell the meat of wild boars that were killed because they damage agricultural products in the town.

In August, an association of local hunters began selling raw ham made from wild boars to businesses, as part of measures implemented by the town and prefectural governments to cope with the harmful animals. The raw ham is the first processed product of its kind in this endeavor.

Uncommon Remote Ocean Angle In Plain View In Numazu

Rare remote ocean angle in plain view in Numazu

Visitors to an aquarium in Numazu, a port city south-west of Tokyo, are getting a charge out of a strange display - 2 uncommon remote ocean angle that were gotten in adjacent Suruga Bay.

A illustrative of the aquarium says the red, prolonged fish are likely Natsushima choujagenge, a kind of eelpout found in Sagami Bay, south of Tokyo, 8 years ago.