Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable Screen

Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable ScreenSony Corp released a universal remote that uses an electronic paper device and can display buttons chosen by the user.
The concept of the remote, "Huis Remote Controller Huis-100RC," passed an in-house audition. And a fund for commercializing it had been raised through crowdfunding since July 2015. While the goal was ¥5 million (approx US$43,871), ¥24.35 million was raised. Sony has already delivered the product to the supporters.

Sony Camera Remote Control Released For Smartwatch 3

Sony Camera remote control released for SmartWatch 3Sony Mobile has launched a Camera remote control application for the Sony SmartWatch 3. The app works with a number of Sony Action Cams (FDR-X1000V, HDR-AS200V, HDR-AS100V, HDR-AZ1, HDR-AS30V, HDR-AS20) and allows you to capture photos, preview pictures taken remotely, start/stop videos, check the angle and control the shutter.

Sony Playstation 4 Remote Play Function For Pc Confirmed

Sony PlayStation 4 Remote Play Function for PC ConfirmedSony's Remote Play feature isn't a mystery for gamers, but few have been using it because the Japanese company did not make it available for PCs.
Remote Play received more love since it got implemented on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but since the latter doesn't sell that well and Sony seems to be determined to drop it completely, this wonderful feature seems doomed to disappear.

Sony Presents Universal Remote For Playstation 4

Sony Presents Universal Remote For Playstation 4The never ending technological progress has imported numerous remote controls in each modern home – you have remote controls for you TV sets, air conditioners, DVD players, sound systems and more. This can create problems in everyday life but if you own a PlayStation 4 you may be in luck – Sony has just announced a new universal remote control for this popular gaming console.

Sony : The Evolution Of The Tv’s Remote Control

Sony : The Evolution of the TV’s Remote ControlIt may seem a little dramatic, but imagine the world without remote controls. Scary, right?
Before 1952, this was the world exactly. The living room was starting to become the hub of family entertainment, serving as an arena for the ultimate TV-user experience.

Toshiba : Development Of A Cloud System For Instantaneous Remote Control Of Over One Million Devices On The Internet Of Things

Toshiba : Development of a Cloud System for Instantaneous Remote Control of over One Million Devices on the Internet of ThingsToshiba has developed a cloud system for instantaneous remote control of over one million devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). In the IoT world, in which diverse devices, such as home devices and sensors, are connected to the Internet, multiple control command relay servers are necessary with a scale of over one million devices.