Sony New Compact Action Camera With Wrist-watch Type Remote Control

IFA 2013 Berlin : Sony Discover your true spirit of adventure with Action CamSony is going to release the new model of their compact action camera series. "HDR-AS30V" will be released on October 11 and comes with a waterproof case and mount attachment. "HDR-AS30VR" will be released on December 6, which is the basic "HDR-AS30V" model and also includes the new wrist-watch type live-view remote control.

Ifa 2013 Berlin : Sony To Release Api For Using Mobile Devices As Wi-fi Remote Controls For Sony Cameras

IFA 2013 Berlin : Sony to release API for using mobile devices as Wi-Fi remote controls for Sony camerasSony is releasing the “Camera Remote API beta,” API (Application Program Interface) for remote operation of Sony camera with Wi-Fi-equipped smartphones and electronic tablets. The API for application developers of mobile devices is available in the “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program”?*1 .

Canon Evercam Xu-81/xu-81 W Remote-control Hd Pan-tilt-zoom Cameras

Canon EVERCAM XU-81/XU-81 W remote-control HD pan-tilt-zoom camerasBuilding on the success of its line of cost-effective, remote-control HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras, Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has introduced the durable EVERCAM XU-81 and EVERCAM XU-81 W cameras, which provide improved image resolution, color reproduction, and Canon Auto Focus precision over previous models. Compact, fully integrated, and featuring an open control protocol for flexible systemization, the new EVERCAM XU cameras provide high-quality widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) image capture from practically any visual perspective.

Sony Yoshida Confirms All Playstation 4 Games Work With Vita Via Remote Play

Sony Yoshida confirms all PlayStation 4 games work with Vita via Remote Play Sony's PlayStation Vita is getting a major content boost when the PlayStation 4 launches later this year, as all PlayStation 4 games will run on the Vita via Remote Play.

Yoshida has confirmed on Twitter that all PS4 games will indeed feature PS Vita Remote Play. Says Yoshida, "Yes, it's true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."

Sony Confirms Mandatory Remote Play Support With Ps4 Titles On Ps Vita

Sony Confirms Mandatory Remote Play Support With PS4 Titles On PS VitaShuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, has just confirmed that the Sony PS Vita will be able to enjoy Remote Play support with future PlayStation 4 titles. This is massive news folks, especially when you take into consideration that future PS4 owners can stream just about all of their games over to the PS Vita without having to fork out additional dough to purchase an extra copy.

Update : Sony Sbh50 Bluetooth Headset Touts Nfc And A Smart Remote

Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50 from Sony Simply SmartSony's Xperia ZR isn't reaching the market all by its lonesome: it's accompanied by a high-end Bluetooth headset, the SBH50. The sequel to the Smart Wireless Headset Pro mostly ups the ante with NFC -- listeners just have to tap the smart remote against their Xperias (or many other NFC-aware devices) to get going. There's still the emphasis on higher-than-usual quality for wireless audio; likewise, the remote continues to preview calls and messages, play FM radio and take the owner's pick of wired headphones.

Sony App Remote In-car Smartphone Operation With Sony Car Audio

Sony App Remote In-car smartphone operation with Sony Car AudioApp Remote is a feature that unifies car audio music and Smartphone apps into a single source list that can be safely controlled* from your car audio or Smartphone. Music information (album art etc.) is visualized on the Smartphone monitor and incoming messages are read aloud on your car audio with your Android Smartphone.

* Smartphone apps can be launched from the car audio, but the number of controllable functions are limited.