Remote Control Fighting Robot Cyborgs Tomy Battroborg 20

Remote Control Fighting Robot Cyborgs Tomy BattroBorg 20These remote controlled fighting robots are called Battroborg 20, and they will be released in Japan on the 14th of July.

"The controller is a nunchaku type. When you punch with your right or left hand, the robot punches with the same hand. By combining punches skillfully, you can box via the robot. Moving forward and turning are also linked to punching. So this system enables a new style of boxing, where you hit the other robot by punching while moving around to get a good position."

Sony Mobile Communications Teams Up With Realvnc To Bring Remote Access To Android Smartphones

Sony Mobile Communications Teams up With RealVNC to Bring Remote Access to Android SmartphonesRealVNC's remote access technology has been integrated in Sony Mobile Communication's Android based Xperia™ smartphones, enabling them to connect to vehicle infotainment systems so that drivers can access their smartphone applications safely from the dashboard display. The technology can also be used in customer support services by helpdesk agents to provide better support to Xperia™ users.