Sdf Personnel Begin Removing Fallen Trees

SDF personnel begin removing fallen trees

Members of Japan's Self-Defense Force have begun clearing debris in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, in the aftermath of typhoon Faxai.

The personnel are removing trees blocking roads in the city of Minamiboso on Saturday to allow access and restore power.

Tepco Starts Removing Fuel From Storage Pool

TEPCO starts removing fuel from storage pool

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has begun removing nuclear fuel from a storage pool inside one of the damaged reactor buildings at the complex.

This is the first time for Tokyo Electric Power Company to remove fuel from any of the three buildings housing reactors that underwent meltdowns after the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan about eight years ago.

Tepco To Begin Removing Fuel From Reactor Pool

TEPCO to begin removing fuel from reactor pool

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant will soon begin removing nuclear fuel from a storage pool inside one of the damaged reactor buildings at the complex.

Tokyo Electric Power Company will start removing fuel from the pool of the No.3 reactor building on Monday.

Workers Begin Removing Nuclear Fuel At Monju

Workers begin removing nuclear fuel at Monju

Workers have begun removing nuclear fuel at the Monju fast-breeder reactor in central Japan.

The reactor, in the city of Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, is slated to be dismantled over a roughly 30-year period. The operator, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, made the decision in 2016, citing the huge cost of ensuring safety.

Ultrasonic Burr Removing Cleaner Removes Fine Burrs In One Go

Ultrasonic burr removing cleaner removes fine burrs in one goBlue Star R&D manufactures unique machines that use powerful ultrasonic waves to remove the fine burrs left after press-forming, and clean the products at the same time.
Generating powerful ultrasonic waves in a liquid creates small bubbles called cavities. When cavities form and disappear, they exert a force on their surroundings. This machine can remove all the tiny burrs from an item by suitably controlling such cavities.

Video : Removing Electrostatic Charge With Panasonic Ionizer Er-x

VIDEO : Removing electrostatic charge with Panasonic ionizer ER-XThe Panasonic ionizer ER-X series were conceived with wide surface areas in mind. To achieve optimal charge removal of surfaces. Four different head sizes, from 160mm to 640mm in length, and the ability to connect up to two heads to one controller is possible. Hence areas up to 1.2m wide can be handled. ER-X001 ionizer head is the new spot type, allowing to remove charges within 0,3 sec.