Prince's School Reopens After Discovery Of Knives

Prince's school reopens after discovery of knives

A junior high school in Tokyo has resumed classes more than two weeks after knives were found on the desk of Prince Hisahito, the son of Crown Prince Akishino.

Students returned to Ochanomizu University Junior High School on Monday.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Reopens

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopens

The renovated main building of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopened on Thursday.

The main building opened in 1955, 10 years after the atomic bombing of the city. It has been closed since 2017 to be made more earthquake-resistant. The displays also underwent major renovation for the first time since 1991.

Kumamoto Airport Reopens After Inspection

Kumamoto airport reopens after inspection

The operator of the Kumamoto airport says that the airport reopened around 6:40 PM, after it checked the runway and found no problems.

Flight operations had been temporarily suspended after the quake.

Bridge Reopens, Water Still Cut Off At Suo-oshima

Bridge reopens, water still cut off at Suo-Oshima

Road access between an island in western Japan and the mainland has been restored. It was severed after a foreign cargo ship on Monday collided with the bridge that provides the only link by car. But it may take at least two weeks before water supplies are back to normal.

Suo-Oshima Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in the Inland Sea and has about 9,000 households.

Power Failure-hit Skating Rink In Hokkaido Reopens

Power failure-hit skating rink in Hokkaido reopens

A skating rink in Tomakomai City in Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido has reopened after a power failure caused by an earthquake melted the ice.

Hakucho Oji Ice Arena is the home of the Oji Eagles ice hockey team, a member of the Asia League.

Kansai International Airport Fully Reopens

Kansai International Airport fully reopens

Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, fully reopened on Friday morning. The airport was severely damaged by a powerful typhoon earlier this month, forcing the suspension of most of its operations.

All services resumed at the North Wing of Terminal 1, which includes the departure lobby for international flights. Part of the terminal and Terminal 2 as well as 2 runways had already reopened.

Terminal 1 Reopens At Kansai Intl. Airport

Terminal 1 reopens at Kansai Intl. Airport

Kansai International Airport has partially reopened another terminal that was inundated when Typhoon Jebi hit western Japan 10 days ago.

The southern side of Terminal 1 reopened on Friday. The flooding caused a power outage on September 4th.

Kansai Airport Reopens Terminal 1

Kansai airport reopens Terminal 1

The operator of typhoon-hit Kansai International Airport in Japan has reopened part of its main passenger facility, Terminal 1. More than 120 flights will be handled at the terminal on Friday.

Terminal 2 resumed service last Friday using Runway B. The building mainly hosts operations for budget airlines. Storm surges caused by Typhoon Jebi largely spared that terminal even though most of the airport was flooded on September 4th.

Narita Runway Reopens

Narita runway reopens

A runway at Narita Airport near Tokyo has reopened after being closed for several hours due to a passenger plane that mistakenly entered a taxiway under construction.

One of the 2 runways at the airport was closed at 3:45 PM on Monday when the Air Canada plane from Montreal became stuck in the tarmac.

Fukuoka Airport Runway Reopens

Fukuoka Airport runway reopens

Fukuoka Airport in southwestern Japan has reopened after a lightning strike caused a hole between a runway and a taxiway.

The runway was closed on Sunday afternoon.

Sea Route Reopens Linking Ports In Sakhalin And Hokkaido

Sea route reopens linking ports in Sakhalin and HokkaidoAn ocean route connecting the town of Korsakov in Sakhalin, Russia, with Wakkanai, Hokkaido, began shuttling passengers between the port towns again on Aug. 1.
Operated by Sakhalin Shipping Co. (SASCO), the journey takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes one way, about an hour shorter than the voyage that was offered by a large cargo passenger ship until the end of 2015.

Sake Shop Favored By Famous Samurai Reopens In Tokyo After 100-year Break

Sake shop favored by famous samurai reopens in Tokyo after 100-year breakA brewery where three of the most famous samurai of the 19th century enjoyed shots of sake has reopened in the heart of Tokyo more than a hundred years after closing its doors.
During the Edo Period (1603-1867), Saigo Takamori, Yamaoka Tesshu and Sakamoto Ryoma could be seen hanging out at Wakamatsuya in the Shiba district of Tokyo’s Minato Ward as the government of the Satsuma Domain, now Kagoshima Prefecture, had an office nearby.