Govt. Fails To Report Mistaken Remains

Govt. fails to report mistaken remains

NHK has learned that a DNA expert has identified remains that were brought back from Siberia by a government mission were not Japanese.

The Japanese health and welfare ministry has not disclosed the findings even though the expert presented them to the ministry about a year ago.

Report Warns Of Depletion Of Pacific Saury Stocks

Report warns of depletion of Pacific saury stocks

An international fisheries commission is warning that declining stocks of Pacific saury may not fully recover if the fish continues to be caught at the current pace.

It was the North Pacific Fisheries Commission's first scientific estimate of Pacific saury resources.

Japan's Top Govt. Spokesperson Denies Report

Japan's top govt. spokesperson denies report

The Japanese government's top spokesperson denied a media report that US President Donald Trump privately mentioned pulling his country out of a security pact with Japan.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the report is not true. He also said the White House confirmed that it conflicts with the stance of the United States.

Report Urges More Training For Working Mothers

Report urges more training for working mothers

A Japanese government report on gender equality recommends that women with young children should be given more opportunities for training to help them reenter the workforce.

The annual report was approved at a Cabinet meeting on Friday.

Aso Refuses To Accept Report On Retirement Assets

Aso refuses to accept report on retirement assets

Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso says he will not accept a controversial report that says elderly couples need 20-million yen for retirement. He says this is not the government's stance.

A Financial Services Agency panel recently proposed guidelines on asset building for retirement, saying elderly couples need assets worth 20-million yen, or 190,000 dollars, to make up for revenue shortfalls.

Report: Bullying Linked To Girl's Suicide In 2015

Report: Bullying linked to girl's suicide in 2015

An investigative committee for Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, has acknowledged a causal relationship between bullying and the suicide of a girl four years ago.

Junior high school student Naoko Nakashima in Toride City, who was 15, killed herself in November 2015, leaving a note saying she did not want to be bullied.