Nissan Executive Reportedly Plea-bargained

Nissan executive reportedly plea-bargained

Tokyo prosecutors reportedly entered into a plea-bargain deal with a Nissan Motor executive in their investigation of Chairman Carlos Ghosn's alleged financial misconduct.

Sources say the executive is a foreign national who was in the firm's legal division and is suspected of providing Ghosn with private residences free of charge.

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The Ps5

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The PS5

Image credit – Square Enix

Now we know that there will be a PlayStation 5. Sony had previously confirmed as much, although there is the question of when the console will be released (some believe it could be launched in 2019). Regardless of a release date, it appears that Square Enix could already be working on something for the console.

Canon Reportedly Commands 22% Of Full-frame Mirrorless Sales In Japan

Canon Reportedly Commands 22% Of Full-Frame Mirrorless Sales In Japan

When it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras, for years Sony has more or less monopolized the market with its A7 and A9 cameras. However it looks like Sony is about to get some very serious competition from Canon, at least as far the Japanese market is concerned, according to a report from BCN Retail (via Peta Pixel).

The report claims that Canon now commands a whopping 22% of full-frame mirrorless sales in the country, which is very, very impressive when you consider that it was only back in September that Canon launched the EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera system. It also seems that despite only having one model, Canon has managed to beat out the likes of Nikon who reportedly accounts for about 10% of full-frame mirrorless sales.

Pubg Ps4 Release Reportedly Scheduled For December

PUBG PS4 Release Reportedly Scheduled For December

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is an immensely popular game that’s yet to arrive on one of the most popular gaming platforms out there. The title is available on PC and Xbox One in addition to mobile devices but it hasn’t been released for the PlayStation 4 yet. That might change in the near future. A new report claims that the PUBG PS4 release is scheduled for December 2018.

Japanese Victims Reportedly Stalked

Japanese victims reportedly stalked

Guatemalan police investigating an attack on 2 Japanese women on Sunday say the victims had told their neighbors that they were being stalked and had been assaulted.

The Japanese Embassy in Guatemala says a Japanese woman is dead and another in a hospital with serious injuries.

Malicious Message Reportedly Crashing Ps4 Consoles

Malicious Message Reportedly Crashing PS4 Consoles

A malicious message is circulating which can apparently cause PlayStation 4 units to crash. This according to many reports from owners on social media and forums. The message has a string of characters which can make the console crash. It gets particularly bad in some cases which then leaves owners with no other option but to perform a factory reset just to get it working again.

Canon Will Reportedly Announce New Mirrorless Cameras On September 4

Canon Will Reportedly Announce New Mirrorless Cameras On September 4

Nikon will be announcing a new mirrorless camera on the 23rd of August. However it seems that Nikon’s chief rival, Canon, might not be sitting idly by because according to a report from Mirrorless Rumors, Canon is expected to make their own announcement shortly after on either the 4th or 5th of September (depending on your timezone).

This is actually the second time such a report has surfaced because prior to this, CanonWatch has also reported a similar story. Of course whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but generally speaking if there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire (somewhere). Details about the announcement are scarce, but it is expected to be about mirrorless cameras.

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Reportedly Made Nintendo $400 Million

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Reportedly Made Nintendo $400 Million

When it comes to mobile games, Nintendo has had mixed success on that front. While many heralded the company finally giving in and releasing games on mobile, the releases so far have been a mixed bag of success where some, such as Miitomo have since shut down, while others such as Super Mario Run haven't done as well as Nintendo would have liked.

However if there is one game that seems to be successful, it would be Fire Emblem Heroes where according to the data from Sensor Tower, it appears that the game has managed to make Nintendo $400 million from in-app purchases to date. This means that since a report from earlier this year that revealed that the game made $300 million, that means an extra $100 million from then till now.