Canon 75mp Dslr Reportedly In Testing Phases

Canon 75MP DSLR reportedly in testing phasesCanon is working on an extremely impressive camera that’s almost too good to be true. Canon is reportedly testing a new DSLR with a pro-sized body similar to that of the 1D X, but what’s most impressive is that the camera boasts a 75MP sensor.

Panasonic Reportedly Wants To Release Its Smartphones Internationally Again

Panasonic Reportedly Wants To Release Its Smartphones Internationally AgainPanasonic wants a bigger piece of the pie, that it wants to release its smartphones internationally once again.

The Panasonic P51 was recently launched in India . Panasonic is reportedly interesting in entering the U.S. market as well, which is a highly lucrative market.

More informations should be available soon so stay tuned .

Nintendo Reportedly Offering Wii U Game Conversion Software To Smartphone App Devs

Nintendo reportedly offering Wii U game conversion software to smartphone app devsNintendo is trying to modify its game consoles so customers can use smartphone applications on them as it searches for a way to return to profitability, company sources said.

The game console and software maker has offered professional-use conversion software to application developers so they can produce smartphone games that can be played on Wii U, a struggling home video game console that helped widen the firm’s operating loss in fiscal 2012.