Chinese Researcher Questioned Over Drone Flight

Chinese researcher questioned over drone flight

Tokyo police have questioned a Chinese researcher who flew a drone near Tokyo Station without authorization.

The researcher in his 50s from Beijing's transportation bureau allegedly violated Japan's civil aviation law.

Researcher: Japan's Plastic Garbage Can Reach Us

Researcher: Japan's plastic garbage can reach US

A Japanese researcher says ocean currents can carry Japan's plastic waste as far as North America.

Shinsuke Iwasaki of the Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region conducted a simulation to track about 6,300 tons of plastic garbage flowing into the sea from major Japanese cities.

Researcher: Evacuations Need Women's Perspective

Researcher: Evacuations need women's perspective

A Japanese university researcher is calling for measures to ensure that women taking care of children or aging family members can be quickly evacuated in disasters.

Experts on disaster mitigation from Tohoku University held discussions with their counterparts from the University of London in the British capital on Thursday. Topics included the lessons learned from the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on March 11th, 2011.

Japanese Researcher Wins Gairdner Int'l Award

Japanese researcher wins Gairdner Int'l Award

A Japanese researcher has won a prestigious global therapeutic honor for his disclosure of substances that lower cholesterol.

The Canada Gairdner Foundation declared Akira Endo and different champs of this year's Canada Gairdner International Awards on Tuesday.