Mechanisms Of Arthritis In Cats Uncovered By Researchers

Mechanisms of arthritis in cats uncovered by researchersJapanese researchers have uncovered differences in the way that arthritis occurs in cats compared to humans, in a study published in the online version of the British journal Scientific Reports on Jan. 5.
Arthritis in humans occurs when cells in the joints are stimulated and three different enzymes in the cells act separately. Arthritis in cats was thought to work in the same way, but a team including professor of veterinary biochemistry Hiroshi Sugiya at Nihon University found differently. After culturing cat knee joint cells, the researchers determined that of the three enzymes two work together in a unique way in the cells to cause arthritis.

Japanese Researchers Pave Way For Gallium Oxide-based Power Mosfet

Japanese Researchers Pave Way for Gallium Oxide-based Power MOSFETFlosfia Inc and a research group of Kyoto University succeeded in making a p-type layer necessary for realizing an "gallium oxide (Ga2O3"-based power transistor.
Flosfia is a venture firm based in Kyoto, Japan, and the research group is led by Shizuo Fujita and Kentaro Kaneko, professor and assistant professor, respectively, of the Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Researchers Develop Memory Device With Capacity Of 400 Dvds

Researchers develop memory device with capacity of 400 DVDsA research team at the Tokyo University of Science has developed technology that could lead to a memory storage disc with a capacity equivalent to about 400 DVDs.
“We are seeking to commercialize the technology in about three years by seeking out a company capable of developing the drive mechanism,” Manabu Yamamoto, a professor at the university’s applied electronics department who led the research team, said Nov. 4.

Researchers: Device Stimulates Swallowing Reflex, Prevents Pneumonia

Researchers: Device stimulates swallowing reflex, prevents pneumoniaA portable device that uses tiny electric currents to improve the swallowing reflex has gone on sale to help prevent pneumonia among elderly people and ailing patients, researchers said.
The devise, which is a little bigger than a mobile phone, was developed jointly by a research group headed by Yoshitaka Oku, professor of physiology at the Hyogo College of Medicine, and Jcraft, a medical equipment maker based in Izumi, Osaka Prefecture.

Drink More Black Tea For Stronger Bones, Researchers Say

Drink more black tea for stronger bones, researchers sayMore black tea may just be what people with fragile bones need to maintain a healthier skeleton, according to research published Feb. 24 by Japanese scientists.
Researchers from Osaka University and other institutions found that TF3, a polyphenol found in tea, helped improve symptoms of osteoporosis in lab mice.