Researchers Reinvent The Wheel With New 1-person Vehicle

Researchers reinvent the wheel with new 1-person vehicleResearchers have developed a single-person vehicle that can move sideways or in an oblique direction, which they hope will lead to an electric wheelchair that can turn on a dime.

A team led by Masaharu Komori, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Kyoto University, demonstrated Permoveh, short for “Personal Mobile Vehicle,” on March 22.

It comes with four omnidirectional-drive wheels, each equipped with 32 rollers, similar to those for roller skates, along their perimeters. The rollers rotate at right angles to the wheel.

Japanese Researchers Build A Gun Capable Of Stopping People To Speak

Japanese researchers build a gun capable of stopping people to speakJapanese researchers Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada have developed "SpeechJammer," a prototype "gun" designed to compel people to stop talking, without physically harming them.

The "gun" is actually a directional speaker, combined with an input microphone, a motherboard, and software, all combined inside a small box that can be either fixed or used as a portable device.