Japanese Researchers Develop Solar-cell Textile

Japanese researchers develop solar-cell textileJapanese researchers have developed a technique of weaving tiny solar-cell balls into textile fabric. This could lead to a more efficient method of photovoltaic power generation.

The technique was developed by a group of researchers from the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture, a textile maker in Fukui City, and a solar battery manufacturer in Kyoto City.

Researchers Conduct Liquefaction Resistance Test

Researchers conduct liquefaction resistance testAn experiment has shown that surrounding a structure's foundation with a jacket of steel plates increases its resistance against liquefaction in a strong tremor.

Research teams from Tokyo Denki University and a major housing manufacturer conducted a large-scale test on Tuesday in Tsukuba City, northeast of Tokyo.

Mazda Researchers Receive Two Awards For Exceptional Achievements In Automotive Engineering

Mazda Researchers receive two Awards for exceptional Achievements in Automotive EngineeringMazda Motor Corporation engineering teams were honoured today with two Technological Development Awards at the 62nd Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) awards ceremony in the Yokohama Convention Centre. One group of Mazda researchers was recognized for improving diesel particulate filter (DPF) performance, another group for achieving a world-record compression ratio – and lowering friction for improving fuel consumption – in Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-G petrol engine.

Japanese Researchers Introduce Highly Integrated Nand-type Pcm

Japanese Researchers Introduce Highly integrated NAND-type PCMA Japanese research group will announce a NAND-type phase change memory (PCM) at International Memory Workshop (IMW), which runs from May 20 to 23, 2012, in Milan, Italy.

The group is led by Ken Takeuchi, professor at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University.

Researchers Reinvent The Wheel With New 1-person Vehicle

Researchers reinvent the wheel with new 1-person vehicleResearchers have developed a single-person vehicle that can move sideways or in an oblique direction, which they hope will lead to an electric wheelchair that can turn on a dime.

A team led by Masaharu Komori, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Kyoto University, demonstrated Permoveh, short for “Personal Mobile Vehicle,” on March 22.

It comes with four omnidirectional-drive wheels, each equipped with 32 rollers, similar to those for roller skates, along their perimeters. The rollers rotate at right angles to the wheel.

Japanese Researchers Build A Gun Capable Of Stopping People To Speak

Japanese researchers build a gun capable of stopping people to speakJapanese researchers Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada have developed "SpeechJammer," a prototype "gun" designed to compel people to stop talking, without physically harming them.

The "gun" is actually a directional speaker, combined with an input microphone, a motherboard, and software, all combined inside a small box that can be either fixed or used as a portable device.