Restaurant Boat Burns In Tokyo River

Restaurant boat burns in Tokyo river

A restaurant boat has burned in Tokyo's Arakawa River.

The fire was reported early Wednesday evening. Flames and black smoke were seen spewing out of the boat.

Restaurant Customer Describes Scene

Restaurant customer describes scene

About 40 people were at the restaurant on Sunday when the explosion occurred.

One man was in a partitioned room on the second floor with five friends when the blast ripped through the realtor's office next door.

Foreign Workers At Restaurant Chain Join Union

Foreign workers at restaurant chain join union

About 3,000 foreigners working part-time at a Japanese restaurant chain are now members of a labor union formed by its employees.

The workers are employed by Hiday Hidaka Corporation. It operates 420 restaurants including the chain Hidakaya, which serves ramen noodles and Chinese dishes in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Skylark Restaurant Chain To Ban Plastic Straws

Skylark restaurant chain to ban plastic straws

Skylark Holdings, a major Japanese restaurant chain operator, has announced it will ban plastic straws in all of its restaurants by 2020.

The move will make the company the first major Japanese chain restaurant to ban straws.

Eating Out / Thai Restaurant Touts Use Of Homegrown Organic Ingredients

Eating out / Thai restaurant touts use of homegrown organic ingredients

By Tomoo Furuta / Japan News Staff WriterMATSUDO, Chiba — When you enter the Ruwhan Thai restaurant, the exotic interior design immediately catches your attention, followed by the Thai pop music that fills the air.

Owner Kenichi Hashimoto, who opened the restaurant in 2012, was proud of the fact that he uses homegrown organic vegetables to make dishes.

Australia Restaurant Of The Year Showcases Boom In Native Ingredients

Australia restaurant of the year showcases boom in native ingredients

When award-winning chef Jock Zonfrillo opened Restaurant Orana in the southern Australian city of Adelaide in 2013, he had a point to prove: native Australian ingredients are not "B-grade."

"We're not doing 18 courses of witchetty grubs (moth larvae)," said Zonfrillo. "We're making delicious food and we're doing it with Australian ingredients."

Aqua By Lexus Fish Restaurant Opens In Italy

AQUA by Lexus Fish Restaurant Opens in ItalyThis is a wild one — Lexus has opened a fish restaurant in the heart of Rome, Italy. AQUA by Lexus opened in November, and here’s a video tour.
While it’s open to the public and has enjoyed strong reviews on sites like Trip Advisor , the main clientele are Lexus owners — a dinner for two is a perk of purchasing of a new vehicle, and all Lexus owners are guaranteed a reservation with complementary champagne and dessert.

Fire-damaged Restaurant Serves Meals Again

Fire-damaged restaurant serves meals againA long-established Japanese restaurant has resumed business in Niigata Prefecture, central Japan, less than 3 weeks after it was damaged in a massive fire.
The restaurant, Tsurukiya, was founded nearly 200 years ago.

Saga Restaurant Commemorates Arita-yaki Pottery

Saga restaurant commemorates Arita-yaki potteryFor this restaurant’s limited run, the tableware holds as much appeal as the meals served on them.
A restaurant has been specially created to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy dishes served on tableware produced by five masters of Arita-yaki pottery in Saga Prefecture.

Try A Bite Of Emergency Food At Gunma Volcano Restaurant

Try a bite of emergency food at Gunma volcano restaurantVisitors shouldn’t expect regular food at a restaurant that has opened near Mt. Asama. The items served here are an array of emergency meals that are tastier than many people might think.
The restaurant, called Kazan, is housed within the Asama volcano museum in the village of Tsumagoi, Gunma Prefecture. The museum is run by the neighboring Naganohara town government to convey the history of Mt. Asama’s eruptions and its volcanic mechanism.

Robot Restaurant In Japan Is Crazy

Robot restaurant in Japan is crazyIf any one country is truly synonymous with robotics, it is without a doubt Japan. Last year in the country’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park, the Henn-na (“Weird Hotel”) opened, billed as the first staffed entirely by robots. Now the Japanese have another claim to machine fame: a themed restaurant focused on robotics.