Govt. Reviews Mega-quake Evacuation Plan

Govt. reviews mega-quake evacuation plan

Japanese government officials are reviewing disaster-prevention plans in the event of a mega-quake along the Pacific coast of central and western Japan.

They are planning measures that would have the central government issue evacuation warnings instead of local municipalities.

Google Maps For Ios & Android Now Lets Users Search Within Reviews

Google Maps For iOS & Android Now Lets Users Search Within Reviews

One of the features of Google Maps is reviews, where users can post reviews about the location which can come in handy if you're trying to find out more about it. However it looks like Google has made some changes where users will now be able to search within reviews itself for something specific.

According to the announcement, "You can search for things like ‘wheelchair' if you want to know more about the accessibility of a place or ‘vegetarian' if you'd like to know more about a restaurant's vegetarian options. Searching pulls up all of the reviews that mention what you searched for so you can find out more information from someone who has been there."

Gamers Can Now Post Reviews Of Switch Games On Nintendo's Website

Gamers Can Now Post Reviews Of Switch Games On Nintendo's Website

Online game distribution platforms such as Steam often display ratings and reviews of games by other gamers, letting customers know if a game might be worth their time and money. While reviews for Nintendo Switch games can be found online, they were never really in the same place, at least until now.

It appears that Nintendo is allowing gamers to publish reviews of Switch games on its website. This means that gamers who surf on over to the Nintendo website to browse for games will be able to see reviews and ratings of the game left by other players. At the moment the listing for reviews isn't as intuitive as other systems, although this is largely due to the fact that Nintendo's website also plays home to a bunch of other systems like the Wii U, 3DS, and more.

Dan Neil Reviews The 2018 Lexus Lc 500

Dan Neil Reviews the 2018 Lexus LC 500Dan Neil has reviewed the Lexus LC 500 for The Wall Street Journal with his usual heavy-handed wordplay:
The six-figure GT coupe market isn’t hotly contested these days, and if you read no further, please know I think the LC 500 takes the stuffings out of anything in this category. The interior is gorgeous—nobly appointed, serene in space and design, with smart tech deposed in a stitched-leather landscape with dull-silver streams and suede door gussets shaped like dune ridges.

Sony : Dxomark Reviews The Xpera M5 Camera

Sony : DxOMark reviews the Xpera M5 cameraDxOMark has put the Sony Xperia M5 camera through its paces, awarding the handset with a DxOMark Mobile score of 79. DxOMark says that the Xperia M5 delivers a “solid camera performance in a mid-range device”, and does an excellent job of capturing detail, keeping noise under control but concedes that there is some “loss of sharpness in the corners”.