Green Tea Cafes Aim To Revive Interest In Japan's Traditional Beverage

Green tea cafes aim to revive interest in Japan's traditional beverage

With Japan's consumption of green tea in steady decline, a new breed of casual cafe specializing in the traditional brew aims to reverse the trend by introducing customers to a wide variety of brands, as well as unconventional serving methods.

Customers including visitors from overseas and young Japanese are able to learn about green tea and perhaps find a new favorite variety at such cafes.

Sega Has Plans To Revive Its Dormant Ips

SEGA Has Plans To Revive Its Dormant IPs

Back in the day, SEGA used to be a pretty big household name as far as gaming was concerned. The company even had their own consoles and some pretty classic franchises to their name, such as Sonic the Hedgehog. These days SEGA's name isn't quite what it used to be, but the company is planning on a comeback.

In a recent presentation made to its investors (via DualShockers), the company revealed that they are planning on reviving some of their dormant IPs and that they plan to release some "big hits" over multiple platforms. In order to do this, they stated that they will be more careful with their releases and will focus on the big hits rather than "middle hits", and will focus their investments on promoting promising titles.

How Do You Revive A Genre That Isn't Dead Yet?

How do you revive a genre that isn't dead yet?This time of year is one of the busiest for Japan-based subtitlers like myself and others heavily focused on the local movie industry.
There's the Busan International Film Festival across the ditch and the Tokyo International Film Festival coming up in October, as well as the biennial Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and Tokyo Filmex in November.

Honda Hopes New Models Like The Hr-v Will Revive Its European Operation

2014 Paris Motor Show : Honda HR-V PrototypeHonda is optimistic that new models and a revamped organization will help it revive its European subsidiary.
Unlike Toyota and Nissan who remain major players in Europe, Honda has become a niche automaker in recent years, with its annual sales dropping by more than half since 2007. But now Honda has reasons to be optimistic about its European operations, as the launch of the new HR-V crossover and job cuts at its UK plant will help it return to profitability in the region.

Town Turns To Anime To Revive Classic Gangster Tale 'tenpo Suikoden'

Town turns to anime to revive classic gangster tale 'Tenpo Suikoden'Local officials are trying to revitalize the popularity of classic gangster tale “Tenpo Suikoden” to promote the town of Tonosho.
So far, they have produced an animated TV series based on the story, which features a climatic duel that took place 170 years ago on the Otonegawara riverbank. Now, they are working on a guidebook and soliciting support for a TV drama based on “Tenpo Suikoden.”

Volkswagen, Suzuki To Revive Alliance

Volkswagen, Suzuki to Revive AllianceSuzuki and Volkswagen are exploring options to once again cooperate with one another or at least to enter a settlement to end the legal battle.

According to reports, Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech and Suzuki President Osamu Suzuki are working together to reach an agreement, with both automakers still viewing a cooperative agreement as compelling. If both parties are unable to reach an agreement, the proceedings at a London-based arbitration court will move forward.