Niigaki Risa & Kotani Yoshikazu Divorce

Niigaki Risa & Kotani Yoshikazu divorce

Niigaki Risa has announced that she and actor Kotani Yoshikazu have divorced. 

Niigaki and Kotani registered their marriage in July of 2016. On the reason for their divorce, she explained on her blog, "We reached the conclusion that it would be best for both of us if we went our separate ways." She continued, "I am terribly sorry for causing worries to those who celebrated with us and supported us."

Yoshiki Risa & Wada Masato Tie The Knot

Yoshiki Risa & Wada Masato tie the knot

Yoshiki Risa has announced that she and actor Wada Masato have tied the knot on November 22.

Through her agency, Yoshiki announced, "While dating, I strongly started to feel that I wanted to walk my life together with him. Moreover, Wada-san is a senpai I respect. With his warm personality, I felt that we would be able to build a family full of smiles.

Oki Risa & Indo Maiko To Graduate From Pottya

Oki Risa & Indo Maiko to graduate from Pottya

It's been announced that Pottya members Oki Risa and Indo Maiko will be graduating from the group at their concert on November 18.

Oki, who is the group's leader, explained on Twitter, "After thinking about Pottya's future and mine and discussion with management, I decided to graduate." Meanwhile, Indo wrote, "The reason for my graduation is to search for myself. It's a graduation that I decided on after facing myself and talking it over with everyone."