Emperor Performs First Ritual At Imperial Palace

Emperor performs first ritual at Imperial Palace

Emperor Naruhito has performed his first ritual at the Imperial Palace since his accession to the throne last week.

The Emperor visited the three Imperial sanctuaries Wednesday morning to report to the Sun Goddess, the souls of his ancestors, and various deities the dates of the Enthronement Ceremony and the Great Thanksgiving Ceremony.

Bean-throwing Ritual Held At Kyoto Shrine

Bean-throwing ritual held at Kyoto shrine

Geisha apprentices, called "maikos," have gathered at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto to take part in a traditional bean-throwing ritual.

The annual event took place on Saturday, on the eve of Setsubun. In the Japanese calendar, Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring.

Fire Prevention Ritual Held In Northern Japan

Fire prevention ritual held in northern Japan

Men wearing outlandish straw costumes marched through a small community in northern Japan on Saturday. They were taking part in a centuries-old ritual.

The "Yonekawa no Mizukaburi" event dates back more than 800 years. It is held annually in the Yonekawa district of Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Plan Set For Imperial Succession Ritual Buildings

Plan set for Imperial succession ritual buildings

A committee at Japan's Imperial Household Agency has decided on a plan to scale down buildings where one of the rituals related to the Imperial succession will be held next year.

The committee on Wednesday discussed buildings for the main ceremony of the Daijosai ritual. It will be held at the Imperial Palace in November following the enthronement of Crown Prince Naruhito in May.

Warm Welcome In Kyoto For 'cool Floor' Ritual By Kamogawa River

Warm welcome in Kyoto for 'cool floor' ritual by Kamogawa river

KYOTO--Diners took advantage of balmy weather here May 1 for the centuries-old tradition of eating on open-air terraces along the Kamogawa river while geisha mingled among them.

Customers took in waterfront views as they relaxed on the first day of Kamogawa Noryoyuka (Cool floor along the Kamogawa river), when the daytime high hit 29.5 degrees, the average temperature for early July in the city.

Half-naked Players Battle For Ball In Chilly New Year Ritual

Half-naked players battle for ball in chilly New Year ritualAbout 330 stripped-down male worshippers had a ball despite getting doused with cold water in the sacred annual “Tama seseri” New Year's festival at Hakozakigu shrine here on Jan. 3.
The local participants wore only loincloths in the quaint ritual, which literally means “competing for a ball,” at the shrine in Fukuoka’s Higashi Ward, in the northern part of Kyushu island.

Coin-throwing Ritual At Buddhist Temple

Coin-throwing ritual at Buddhist templeA coin-throwing Buddhist ritual to pray for the deceased is under way in the western Japanese prefecture of Tokushima.

Around 150 residents packed the hall of Chouenji temple on Thursday. Eleven different temples in the town of Minami take turns hosting the annual event.

Ritual Revived For 700th Anniversary Of Asakusa Festival

Ritual revived for 700th anniversary of Asakusa festivalIn the first "funatogyo" ceremony in 54 years, a fleet of vessels carrying "mikoshi" portable shrines traveled on Tokyo's Sumidagawa river on March 18.

After shrine parishioners loaded the three mikoshi, the 20 or so vessels took a one-hour trip on the river.

The funatogyo event was held to celebrate the 700-year anniversary of Asakusa's Sanja Matsuri festival, which will be held in May.