Levees, Roads Unrepaired 2 Weeks After Hagibis

Levees, roads unrepaired 2 weeks after Hagibis

Two weeks have passed since Typhoon Hagibis swept across Japan, but damaged levees and roads have yet to be repaired in many areas.

The infrastructure ministry says that as of Friday, embankments had collapsed at 140 locations along 71 rivers in seven prefectures. It says 281 rivers in 16 prefectures had overflowed, inundating wide areas.

Roads Submerged In Shizuoka

Roads submerged in Shizuoka

Typhoon Hagibis has flooded roads in a district along a river near the coast of Shizuoka City, central Japan.

The knee-high flood water has partly submerged cars across much of Nishijima in Suruga Ward.

Olympic Officials Cool Down Roads With Water

Olympic officials cool down roads with water

Tokyo officials preparing for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have tested a water-sprinkling method for cooling down roads.

They face the major challenge of how to beat the sweltering summer heat and keep athletes and spectators comfortable during the Tokyo Games.

New Nissan Serena Nismo Arrives On Japan's Roads

New Nissan Serena NISMO Arrives On Japan's Roads

A little over a month after premiering at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese sales of the Nissan Serena Nismo have commenced.

Priced from 3,419,280 yen ($30,397), the minivan receives a host of modifications that give it that characteristic Nismo flare and is sure to be popular among Japanese enthusiasts who often love to turn heads with their rides.

Nissan Tests Fully Autonomous Propilot Tech On Tokyo Roads

Nissan tests fully autonomous ProPilot tech on Tokyo roads

We've been hearing a lot about Nissan's ProPilot technology lately. ProPilot Assist is coming to the U.S. in the Rogue, as well as the Leaf EV. For this generation, the system allows for Level 2 autonomous driving, which is essentially adaptive cruise control paired with a lane-keeping function. Later, Nissan will add ProPilot Park, which allows the car to park itself. The next generation of ProPilot, though, allows for Level 4 fully autonomous driving, even on urban streets, beginning in 2020. Nissan has announced that it has already tested it on public roads during a demonstration in Tokyo.

The prototype test vehicle is an Infiniti Q50. It's fitted with 12 cameras, 12 sonar sensors, nine millimeter-wave radar sensors, six laser scanners and high-definition mapping, all run through artificial intelligence. With this combination of hardware and software, the Q50 prototype can navigate across town or on the highway, automating the entire driving duties from the moment the passenger selects a destination until their arrival. It can tackle busy intersections and respond to obstacles in the road, providing what Nissan claims is a "human-like driving feel that gives passengers peace of mind."

Next-generation Toyota Corolla Im Spotting Testing On Mountain Roads

Next-generation Toyota Corolla iM spotting testing on mountain roads

It appears that Toyota is hard at work on developing the next-generation Auris hatchback. One of our spy photographers snapped some pictures of the new economy car tackling some tight twisties. In case you were wondering why you should care about a Toyota you've never heard of, the reason is that you've heard of its American-badged cousin the Corolla iM, which shares the current Auris's platform and most of its styling. The regular Corolla sedan is unique to the U.S. market.

Based on these spy photos, the new Auris/Corolla iM is certainly an evolution of the current design. It has a wedge-y nose and profile, as well as crisp, acute angles throughout the body. Some of those cues have been exaggerated, though. The headlights in particular have been stretched nearly to the middle of the car. Odds are there won't be much if any kind of grille between the lamps. Instead, there will probably be a sizable grille in the lower bumper to handle all of the cooling duties. That grille also has a unique pattern to it.

Batmobile Toyota Camry Is Somehow Allowed On Public Roads

Batmobile Toyota Camry Is Somehow Allowed On Public Roads

Few cars are blander than the XV20-generation Toyota Camry. Not only is its design boring enough to put you to sleep, but its gutless engines and dreary transmissions make it the worst nightmare for rev-heads looking to make an impression.

Nevertheless, a Camry owner in the United States hasn’t been dissuaded by that fact and decided to make the most of the unfortunate Camry-owning scenario by turning the sedan into an utterly-crazy Batmobile, as seen on Reddit.

Photo: Updated 2018 Lexus Nx F Sport On Public Roads

Photo: Updated 2018 Lexus NX F SPORT on Public Roads

The updated 2018 Lexus NX has been keeping a low profile — outside of the usual CGI imagery and a single photo gallery from the Shanghai Motor Show, the refreshed model has been practically invisible.

That changed with a recent Lexus USA photo tweet, which shows the new NX F SPORT out for a cruise. The previous design didn't really need too much tweaking, and with this update Lexus managed to modernize without going overboard — I see a healthy dose of last year’s IS sedan refresh in the changes.