Sony : Rock Band 4 Coming To Ps4 This Year!

Sony : Rock Band 4 Coming to PS4 This Year!Hey gang!
This is Eric Pope from Harmonix. All of us at the studio are beyond thrilled to announce today that Rock Band will make its triumphant return to living rooms this year with Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4!

La La La At Rock Bottom

La La La At Rock BottomDuring a band's performance at a square in Osaka, a young man suddenly rushes the stage. The young man grabs the mic and begins to sing. The audience is stunned by the man's actions at first, but they become overwhelmed by the young man's voice.

Aiko To Hold Her Biggest 'love Like Rock' Tour

aiko to hold her biggest 'Love Like Rock' touraiko will hold her live house tour 'Love Like Rock vol.7' starting in April.
This 'Love Like Rock' tour will be aiko's biggest live house tour in her career. It will kick off on April 18 at Zepp Tokyo for a total of 25 shows in 7 locations. She will perform at Sendai Rensa for the first time towards the end of the tour, on August 1 and 2.

Hibi Rock: Puke Afro And The Pop Star

Hibi Rock: Puke Afro and the Pop StarTakuro Hibinuma (Shuhei Nomura) is a senior in high school. He isn't very good at studying or sports, but he loves rock music. Takuro plays his guitar and sings at the club "Hibi Rock," but there's only a few people when he performs. When Takuro gets really excited during his performance, he takes off his clothes.

Rock On : Top Music Games

Rock on : top music gamesThe big advances in games technology have let the music business devise games utilising controls shaped as microphones, guitars, dance mats and drum kits to sing, play and dance to top tunes. Here are the top music games you can find in the shops these days.