Researchers Turn Room Into Wireless Charger

Researchers turn room into wireless charger

University researchers are working on technology that turns an entire room into a wireless battery charger for smartphones and other devices.

A team led by Professor Yoshihiro Kawahara of the University of Tokyo ran successful tests of the technology in a specially constructed room.

Vip Room Of Govt. Plane Shown To Media

VIP room of govt. plane shown to media

The VIP room of a Japanese government plane that was taken out of service in March has been shown to the media for the first time.

The Boeing 747 was used by prime ministers, Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko for 26 years from 1993.

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Review | Sharp Looks, More Room And Fewer Cylinders

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Review | Sharp looks, more room and fewer cylinders

According to Volkswagen, the new 2019 Arteon is the spiritual, not literal successor to the swoopy CC sedan. Another clue: the company will position the Arteon as the brand's flagship vehicle, rather than one of their strong-selling SUVs or crossovers. One VW rep said sales would be closer to the outgoing, niche Beetle than the volume-selling Tiguan or Atlas. Is the Wolfsburg brand crazy to emphasize the dwindling sedan market as most carmakers flee it? Listen up as we unravel the mystery of the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon.

When you look at the Arteon's underpinnings, VW's desire to separate it from the CC (or at least keep it at arm's length) starts to make more sense. While the CC was essentially a Passat with a lower roofline and snugger cabin, the Arteon rides on the more advanced MQB platform. The chassis gets five more inches of wheelbase, 2.9 more inches of rear legroom, and nearly double the cargo capacity. Here's another clue to the sleek four-door's place in the VW universe: Arteon's name derives from the Latin artem, which means "art." The wordplay suggests more of a design showcase than an appliance, a conveyance intended to make a statement and stand out. And stand out it does: from the Arteon's grille strakes that cleverly integrate into the LED headlamps to its uninterrupted character lines and elegantly tapered haunches, the attractive fastback manages to defy its relatively reasonable starting price of $36,840. This is not your father's Passat; The Arteon is a serious looker.

Huis Ten Bosch Park Expects Gold Rush At Exhibition Room

Huis Ten Bosch park expects gold rush at exhibition room

SASEBO, Nagasaki Prefecture--Gold worth 800 million yen ($7.05 million) will glisten an exhibition room at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park here.

Named Ogon no Yakata (the gold mansion), the 25-square-meter room will open on the second floor of the Palace Huis Ten Bosch building on Dec. 16.

Eizo Announces A New 49-inch Wall-mounted Monitor Curator Lx491w For The Operating Room

EIZO announces a new 49-inch wall-mounted monitor CuratOR LX491W for the operating room - FareastgizmosEIZO today announced the release of a new 49-inch wall-mounted monitor for the operating room (OR). The CuratOR LX491W is a widescreen monitor with full HD resolution and is ideally suited for viewing medical images (X-ray, CR, MRI, and endoscopy). The LX491W has an extremely bright LED backlight offering luminance up to 700 cd/m². The integrated stability system keeps the calibrated brightness constant. With 1300:1 contrast and a 178° viewing angle, medical professionals are offered clear of images from almost any position in the operating theater.

World's First Ai Room Air Conditioner From Mitsubishi Measures The Temperature Change Of A Person

World's first AI room air conditioner from Mitsubishi measures the temperature change of a person in increments of 0.1 ° C - FareastgizmosMitsubishi Electric today announced the launch of world’s first room air conditioner equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). The Kirigamine FZ • Z Series features an infrared sensor Move Ii mirA.I. (Mirai). This sensor senses the temperature in the room and accordingly adjusts the sensible temperature for each of the people in the room taking in account the outside temperature and solar radiation effect. According to prediction “prefetching driving”, switching driving before feeling hot and cold, realizing improved comfort and energy saving. By “Personal Twin Flow” equipped with two fans, it is possible to operate one side fan in accordance with sensible temperature while the other side fan is idle.

The Moving eye mirA.I measures the temperature change to minute details such as the hands and feet of a person in increments of 0.1 ° C and also detects whether the people inside the room are comfortable. Based on the distance from the air conditioner and the height, the Mitsubishi room air conditioner equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) can makes out whether it is an adult or a child. The air conditioner adjusts the air flow angle and air volume according to the feeling of each person and makes each one in the room comfortable.
Inside of the main unit adopted “Active Switch Compressor” which has the world’s first two types of DC motor connection. High efficiency operation is realized both in high power operation which drives the compressor at high revolution speed and brings the room to a comfortable temperature quickly as well as in stable operation which drives at low revolution speed. Six models with capacities of 4.0 kW to 9.0 kW, with expected price of 328,000 yen ($3000) to around 448,000 ($4096, tax excluded) are to be launched in Japan on November 1.

New Capsule Hotel In Osaka Offers More Room Than A Coffin

New capsule hotel in Osaka offers more room than a coffinHanshin Electric Railway Co. will climb aboard the budget accommodation business with a “high-class” capsule hotel that won’t give claustrophobics nightmares.
Unlike many conventional capsule hotels, the new hotel will offer 2.1-meter-high rooms, spacious enough for a guest to stand in, unless they are an NBA center.

Video : Panasonic Sc-all2 Multi-room Connected Speaker | Compact Audio Anywhere In The Home

Video : Panasonic SC-ALL2 multi-room connected speaker | Compact audio anywhere in the homeA compact, stylish, multi-room audio system with Qualcom® AllPlay™. The new SC-ALL2 connected speaker provides the ultimate combination of smart networking, high quality performance and compact design. This latest addition to the ALL-Connected audio range allows you to stream from a mobile device and enjoy stunning sound quality via a high-performance speaker. Various functions, such as a one-touch preset button and music alarm, are included.