Mazda Rotary Sports Car Won't Arrive Until Sometime After 2020

Mazda Rotary Sports Car Won’t Arrive Until Sometime After 2020

Mazda has said it won’t bring a rotary sports car like the RX Vision to market anytime soon, as it doesn’t have the proper resources to do so.  Mazda's head of research and development, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, told media at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show this week that it cannot bring a production rotary sportscar to market in time for its centenary anniversary in 2020. The arrival of the RX-7 successor may hinge on the success of its new Skyactiv-X compression-ignition gasoline engine. If the innovative four-cylinder mill can make Mazda some money, it will move onward to its rotary RX Vision project.

"If we achieve success [with Skyactiv-X] probably we can have money enough to invest in the next challenge, then we can judge to go ahead," Fujiwara told Motoring. "It's going to be too late to make the RX-Vision for the centennial.”

Mazda's Rotary Engine May Live On As A Range Extender (update)

Mazda's rotary engine may live on as a range extender (UPDATE)

Update: We received a response from Mazda that confirmed plans for a 2019 electric car available in battery-only and range-extended models, but there was no comment on any other details. The text has been updated to reflect this.

It may be time for rotary fans to start getting their hopes up a little for a return of the spinning triangle engine. Automotive News spoke with Mitsuo Hitomi, the man in charge of Mazda powertrains, who said there's a very good chance the next implementation of the rotary engine will be as an electric car range extender. The news source also suggests that such a vehicle could be just around the corner, since Akira Kyomen, Mazda's vehicle development program manager, confirmed to Automotive News that the company will have an EV out in 2019 in both pure electric and range-extended versions. We reached out to Mazda for more information, and a representative confirmed both the pure electric and range-extended models for 2019, but couldn't comment on anything else regarding those vehicles.

Mazda Will Have A New Rotary Concept At Tokyo Show, Trying To Bring It To Production

Mazda will have a new rotary concept at Tokyo show, trying to bring it to productionDespite ending production of the rotary engine in 2012, Mazda has repeatedly insisted that it's still working on rotary engine tech, and it has continued to tease a potential future rotary car with concepts, the latest of which was the RX-Vision. The company even continues to file patents on rotary tech. It seems the company is continuing this pattern, since the vice president for Mazda's European R&D center told Auto Express that it has another rotary concept ready for this October's Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda Still Working On Rotary Engine; Needs More Money

Mazda still working on rotary engine; needs more money

The iconic rotary engine is still under development by a small team of engineers at Mazda, despite the company’s continuing focus on increasing its global footprint at the cost of investing heavily in the drivetrain.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the Mazda technology forum in Frankfurt last week, the Japanese company's director and senior managing executive officer of research and development, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, admitted that while work continues on the rotary engine, Mazda needs to invest its limited R&D budget into other technologies, for the time being.

It's Official - Mazda Is Working On A New Rotary Engine

It’s Official – Mazda is Working on a New Rotary Engine

Mazda has confirmed it is working on a next-generation rotary engine that may arrive in time for its centenary anniversary in 2020.

Speaking to Australia’s Wheels Magazine, Mazda’s Technical Research Centre and Integrated Control System Development boss, Mitsuo Hitomi, revealed the automaker is working on a new rotary engine. Hitomi said development of the rotary has focused on fixing some of the well-known shortcomings of the engine, such as apex seal wear and oil consumption. He also acknowledged that it isn’t possible to achieve the same emissions levels as a conventional engine in a rotary.

Internal Mazda Magazine Hints At Hydrogen-powered Rotary Engine

Internal Mazda Magazine Hints At Hydrogen-Powered Rotary Engine

The latest edition of Mazda’s internal magazine, Zoom-Zoom, may hint at the arrival of a Hydrogen-powered rotary engine sportscar from the Japanese automaker.

In an article marking the 50th anniversary of the rotary-powered Cosmo Sport, Mazda explained that the rotary engine’s biggest drawback is poor fuel economy and emissions. A rotary engine has plenty of positives, however, including its compact size, and smooth, free-revving nature, so it’s easy to see why Mazda is reluctant to kill it off.

Mazda Files New Rotary Engine Patents In The Us

Mazda Files New Rotary Engine Patents in the USMazda has licensed new turning motor innovation in the US, yet it won't touch base in the engine of a games car.
Autoblog has found two new U.S. licenses documented by Mazda, the first is for a little revolving motor that goes about as a range extender in a module crossover EV. In 2013, we saw a Mazda2 model that utilized basically an indistinguishable setup from depicted in the patent, which is an electric engine driving the front wheels while a little 0.33-liter rotational motor is mounted in the back and keeps the lithium-particle batteries charged.

Mazda Licenses Indicate Revolving Motor For Range-broadened Ev

Mazda licenses demonstrate rotating motor for range-developed EVTwo years prior, Mazda presented a captivating reach amplified electric auto called the Mazda2 RE Range-Extender. It took an electric Mazda2, and dropped in an itty-bitty 330cc turning motor. It wasn't the rotational controlled games auto we had sought after, however it appeared like an exceptional approach to keep the idiosyncratic motor perfectly healthy. Be that as it may, not long after the auto's uncover, it appeared to vanish. Presently the essential thought has reemerged with a couple of current updates in two or three US patents.

Mazda Has No Plans For An Rx-9, Despite Ongoing Rotary Development

Mazda has no plans for an RX-9, despite ongoing rotary developmentWe know Mazda is capable of making wonderful cars in any form or bodystyle. It also likes to tease enthusiasts with promising concepts like the stunning RX-Vision. In news that's sure to raise the ire of enthusiasts around the world, it seems the automaker has no plans to follow through with a production version of that beautiful, Soul Red coupe. In fact, it doesn't look like Mazda is interested in building any sports car that would slot above the Miata.

Next Rotary-powered Mazda Could Do Without Electrification

Next Rotary-Powered Mazda Could Do Without ElectrificationEven though Mazda’s rotary engines are notorious for gulping down fuel, the company says its next rotary-powered sports car could shun electrification entirely.
During the Los Angeles Auto Show 2016, Mazda R&D boss Kiyoshi Fujiwara confirmed to Auto Express that a dedicated team is still developing a new rotary engine and looking for innovative ways to tackle technical and fuel efficiency challenges now facing all new vehicles.

Mazda’s Vision Of The Future Is Rotary Powered

Mazda’s Vision of the Future is Rotary PoweredDon’t expect to see the Mazda RX-Vision Concept head to production unless it has a rotary engine.
Speaking at the 2016 J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable, vice president-marketing at Mazda North American Operations, Russell Wager, gave a glimpse at the Japanese automaker’s focus for the future. The company intends to move towards “Mazda premium,” but that doesn’t mean it will debut a pricey model.