Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely To Get Into Production

Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely To Get Into ProductionThe Mazda2 could benefit from a rotary hybrid powertrain for its next generation.
According to a recent report, Mazda will likely produce the vehicle it has been testing that uses a 0.33-liter rotary engine in the rear of the Mazda2 that not only generates power but charges the lithium-ion battery when it’s running low. The Mazda2 Range Extender was first revealed last year and started its life as an electric vehicle.

Mazda Rx-7 Revival Rumors Resurface Again, Could Get A 250hp Rotary Engine

Mazda RX-7 Revival Rumors Resurface Again, Could get a 250HP Rotary EngineThe strenuous back and forth on the resurrection tale of Mazda's much-missed Mazda RX-7 series continues with a fresh report.
It says that, while Mazda bosses are officially stating there are "no concrete" plans for a new RX-7, in private conversations executives have admitted that a new coupe with a new rotary engine is on its way and could go on sale by 2016.

Update : Mazda2 With Extended-range Hybrid Rotary Tech Shown

New Mazda2 Range Extender Prototype Leaves Hope for Rotary EngineEvery story dealing with a new rotary engine from Mazda lands in a different place on the matrix of possibilities between "Coming soon!" and "Never gonna happen!" In 2011 it was speculated that the rotary engineering program would be shut down with the demise of the RX-8, in 2012 the program was still alive and taking lessons from the SkyActiv engines, in August 2013 a Mazda insider said a rotary engine called 16X would be here in two years, in November the CEO said the only way we'd ever get a new rotary is if Mazda could sell 100,000 of them per year. Meaning that, for the moment, you can forget about it.

Sanko Hespk34a Rotary Lightning Cradle Speaker

Sanko HESPK34A Rotary Lightning Cradle SpeakerSanko is bringing you their latest Rotary Lightning Cradle Speaker, the HESPK34A. Designed specifically for iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPad (4th generation), this USB-powered device is equipped with a Lightning dock connector, a USB port and an SD card slot on the front panel, an adjustable 90-degree rotating stand and two built-in 3W stereo speakers. The HESPK34A retails for 5,980 Yen (about $60).

Panasonic : The Powerful New Rotary Hammer Drill And Driver

Panasonic : The powerful new rotary hammer drill and driverThe dual voltage EY78A1LS2G57 Rotary Hammer Drill and Driver is powerful, light and features the Tough Tool IP rating. It’s easy and comfortable to hold and boasts excellent cooling and a dust proof design for continuous use as well as an SDS-plus bit system. This versatile tool offers five torque levels, which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material or the type of material being fastened. In addition it offers high speed concrete drilling using an air system hammer (cup piston method).

Mazda To Use Laser Beams Instead Of Spark Plugs In Their Rotary Engines

Mazda to use laser beams instead of spark plugs in their rotary enginesMazda’s rotary engine or also known as Wankel engines are significantly different than the usual four-stroke engines used in all kind of automobiles. They are relatively smaller in size and weight at the expense of fuel economy and carbon emissions. Mazda’s RX-8 had to be withdrawn from the European markets as it didn’t meet Euro 5 emission standards. But, according to a senior engineer with the car manufacturer Mazda plans to tackle the problem by introducing laser beam instead of a traditional spark plug inside the engine.

Mazda Working On Multiple Rotary Engines

Mazda working on multiple rotary enginesRobert Davis, senior vice president of Mazda U.S. operations , said that the rotary engine will continue to play a role in the company's products moving forward, with engineers applying the lessons learned through the SkyActiv program to the powerplant.