Test Runs On Disaster-hit Railway Line Begin

Test runs on disaster-hit railway line begin

Test runs on a section of railway line along the Pacific coast of Fukushima Prefecture have started nine years after service was halted by the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

The accident caused radioactive contamination and suspended service on the 21-kilometer-section of Japan Rail's Joban Line between Namie and Tomioka stations.

Fans Excited With First F1 Show Runs In Tokyo

Fans excited with first F1 show runs in Tokyo

Thousands of race car fans flocked to the center of Tokyo on Saturday to see Formula One cars in action ahead of the beginning of this year's F1 World Championship.

The event took place during a visit by the F1 Red Bull racing team to Japan. The team began using Honda engines this year.

Haneda Airport Runs Face Recognition Tech

Haneda airport runs face recognition tech

Haneda airport in Tokyo has started using unmanned face recognition technology at its departure gates for Japanese travelers.

The new system went into service at the airport's international terminal on Wednesday.

Pixel Xl Runs Into Quick Charger Issues After Android 9.0 Pie Update

Pixel XL Runs Into Quick Charger Issues After Android 9.0 Pie Update

Due to the fact that it is part of Google’s Pixel smartphones, the Pixel XL was one of the first few Android smartphones to receive the Android 9.0 Pie update. Unfortunately it seems that the update came with some problems because according to the Google Issue Tracker (via PhoneArena) website, it seems that some Pixel XL owners have run into quick charger issues following the update.

According to one of the posts, “I have 4 chargers.  1 is unofficial. 2 is official – 1 was the packaged 6p charger and the other bought from Google store.  None of these work. I either get ‘Charging ‘or ‘Charging Slowly’. This never happened before Pie. I also have a battery backup that no longer fast charges my phone. The only charger that works is the charger that came with the pixel.”

90-year-old Motorist Runs Down Pedestrians

90-year-old motorist runs down pedestrians

Police have arrested a 90-year-old motorist who ran down pedestrians in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, on Monday. One person was killed and 3 injured.

The driver, Kumiko Saito, is suspected of negligent driving resulting in death and injury.

Honda Video Runs Down Basics (and Joys) Of Driving A Manual Transmission

Honda video runs down basics (and joys) of driving a manual transmission

Many of us here at Autoblog are unabashed enthusiasts of the endangered manual transmission, and we know we're not alone. Honda, which makes several of its vehicles available with a stick, released a video aimed at orienting beginners to the simple joys of driving a stick.

In it, Zach Vlasuk of Honda and Accura technical public relations uses a 2018 Accord to give a basic rundown of how manual transmissions work and how to operate them. He also explains, with the help of some nifty animation, how the clutch pedal represents the link between the always-spinning engine to the non-spinning transmission, and how (slowly) releasing the clutch while (slowly) pressing down on the gas is how the clutch fully connects with the engine and the car, you know, moves.

Nintendo's 'no Refund' Policy Runs Afoul Of Norway's Consumer Council

Nintendo's 'No Refund' Policy Runs Afoul Of Norway's Consumer Council

Different countries have different laws and requirements when it comes to refunds or returns. This is why sometimes some companies can get away with shorter refund windows in certain countries. Unfortunately for Nintendo, it seems that the company's "no refund" policy has run afoul of Norway's Consumer Council.

In a letter published online (via Stevivor) by the Norwegian Consumer Council, it seems that they have singled out Nintendo for not offering customers a way to get refunds on their purchases on games that have been pre-ordered. It reads, "The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) has found that out of the seven leading digital video game platforms, only Origin and Steam had adequate systems in place for refunding purchased video games. Out of the seven platforms, Nintendo in particular violates consumer rights by not offering any way to cancel a pre-ordered game."