Toyota Developing A Smaller, Sub-gt86 Rwd Sports Car

Toyota Developing A Smaller, Sub-GT86 RWD Sports CarToyota has started the development of a small RWD sports car to sit below the GT86, claims a new report.
The Japanese company plans to offer a three-model strong line-up of sports cars, with the upcoming Supra sitting on top and a lightweight baby brother of the GT86 as the entry-level car.

Update : Toyota Ceo Wants Two New Rwd Sports Cars

Toyota GT86-RThough the company recently released the GT86, Toyota is already getting ready to bring two new rear-wheel drive sports cars into its family, to slot above and below the GT86/FR-S.

“Akio Toyoda always says to me, Toyota sports car [family] should be three sports car brothers. 86 is in the middle,” Tatsuya Tada, the FR-S’s chief engineer told CarAdvice.