Toyota Gr Supra Gt Concept Teased Ahead Of Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota GR Supra GT Concept Teased Ahead Of Tokyo Auto SalonAt the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota brought the new-gen Supra closer to production by unveiling the GR Supra Racing Concept. However, it seems that the Japanese automaker is not quite done with exploring the range of the upcoming sports car, as they have now announced another study.

Flavors Of Japan Dress Up Fancy Toyota At Tokyo Auto Salon Show

Flavors of Japan dress up fancy Toyota at Tokyo Auto Salon show

Japan boasts a famed "castle in the sky" in Hyogo Prefecture and now has another turning heads atop the roof of a dressed-up Japanese sports car at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 show.

The roof of the "Japan Car" based on a Toyota Celica is home to a pink model of a traditional Japanese castle that stands about 70 centimeters tall.

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring Concept To Debut At 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring Concept to debut at 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

When we met the 0 Nissan Leaf EV at the automaker's design center in Japan, designers told us there would be other iterations coming in the future. We've already seen one, when Nissan revealed the Leaf Nismo concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now, that car will be joined by another electric concept car — the Leaf Grand Touring — at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon on Jan. 12.

That's not all, though. Nissan will have a total of 15 custom cars at the show, which is essentially the SEMA of Japan. Among those will be three version of the Nissan Note e-Power series hybrid, including an Autech (Nissan's sub-brand) concept, C-Gear version and a Nismo version with performance parts.

Daihatsu To Dominate Tokyo Auto Salon With 11 Diminutive Concepts

Daihatsu to dominate Tokyo Auto Salon with 11 diminutive conceptsFor a relatively small car company, Daihatsu is planning to put on a big show at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Toyota-owned small car specialist will showcase 11 custom concepts all based on current production models that have been neatly modified.

The 11 concepts fall under four overarching themes; Grand Custom, Sporza, Beach Cruising or Cross Field.

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : The Most Impractically Customized Cars

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : The Most Impractically Customized CarsEntire supercars covered in Swarovski crystals, cars with special modified doors the exhibitors clearly had trouble operating, wheels that won’t turn, speakers and screens that pretty much obliterated storage space, leg room, or in some cases every single seat in the vehicle, TAS 2016 was host to dozens of cars which required a ton of work but no one could actually drive.

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : Honda N-one Kei Mini Truck Concept

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : Honda N-One Kei Mini Truck ConceptFew Honda platforms have proven as versatile as the N-series. The N-One specifically has had a “natural” concept. The N Box Slash has a “camper.” Yet, I find neither of these as delightful at the N-Lab N-One “Friendly 2 Seater” Mini Truck concept. It’s useful, it’s clean, and it’s outright adorable.